20 messages and quotes of Epicurus for those who love Greek philosophy

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Also known as the “Prophet of Pleasure” and the “Apostle of Friendship”, Epicurus was an important Greek philosopher of the Hellenistic period. His philosophy was based on the power of friendship and he did not believe in eternal life. In this way, he defended the utmost benefit of this life. Want to know more about the ideas of this great thinker? So, check out these sentences of Epicurus!

Epicurus messages and quotes to deepen the philosopher’s ideas

Pleasure is not an evil in itself; But certain pleasures bring more pain than happiness.

Great browsers owe their reputation to the temporal and storms.

All uncomfortable and restless desire dissolves in the love of true philosophy.

Freedom is the greatest fruit of self -sufficiency.

The pleasures of love have never served us. We must consider ourselves happy if they do not bother us.

The one who best enjoys wealth is the one that less need for her has.

Spiritual serenity is the maximum fruit of justice.

There is only one way to happiness. Do not worry about things that go beyond the power of our will.

The simplest foods provide the same pleasure as the most exquisite delicacies, as long as the pain caused by the absence is removed.

Death is a chimera: because as long as I exist, there is no death; And when there is death, I no longer exist.

And who says the time to philosophize has not yet arrived or has passed, resembles what says it has not yet arrived or has been time to be happy.

Desire is the cause of all ills.

It is foolish a man to pray to the gods for what he has the power to obtain for himself.

The art of living well and the art of dying well is one.

Noble man is mainly concerned with wisdom and friendship; Of these, the first is a deadly, the last and immortal.

to eat and drink without a friend is to devour like the lion and the wolf.

The serene man seeks serenity for himself and others.

Be moderate to taste the joys of life in abundance.

Need is an evil, but there is no need to live in it.

The moment you owe, above all, isolate yourself when you are forced to be in the crowd.

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