20 messages and quotes by Valter Hugo Mother to know the Portuguese writer

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Those who like contemporary Portuguese literature have certainly come across some quote from writer Valter Hugo Mother. Owner of a deep poetic prose, he delights several audiences with his delicate writing full of reflections. To learn more about this wonderful artist, check out Valter Hugo Mother messages and quotes and share with friends lovers of literature!

Valter Hugo messages and quotes Perfect Mother for those who love contemporary poetic literature

The past does not run.

Who doesn’t know how to forgive, only know small things.

Love was made to be too much and a wonder.

Hope was a change and made to be a little secret.

Everything was before silence, everything was in a hurry and urgency.

I don’t know if art should save us, but I’m sure it can lead to the best in us so that we don’t waste ourselves in life.

The touch of someone, he said, is the true side of the skin. Who is not touched never covers, walks as naked, from bones to show.

It was accustomed to worth a little to wait for anything in life. If we expect nothing, he said, all that exists is already abundance.

Love was an attitude, a natural predisposition to be in favor of others. This is love. A natural predisposition to favor someone. Be, without even thinking, by someone else.

I thought that when you dream so great, reality learns.

But it was not a sadness, it was exactly a longing for suffering what you had suffered, what you need to teach you to enjoy later, now, happiness.

Love needs to be a solution, not a problem. Everyone tells me: Love is a problem. All good! I can say otherwise: Love is a problem, but the loved one needs to be a solution.

I had just learned that life has to be more to drift, more at random, because whoever keeps out of everything runs away from everything.

It is no use dreaming of what is made only of fantasy and wanting to aspire to the impossible. Happiness is the acceptance of what you are and can be.

was a woman loaded with absences and silences. In Isaura, it was an endless and little of what it contained it was for happiness. Into Isaura, Isaura fell.

Never limits love, son, never by prejudice any limits to love.

Being what you can are happiness.

My mother says we only grow up when we recognize our mistakes. Until we do it, we will be smaller.

Who lost their mother loses forever and never stop losing.

Human Being is just flesh and bone and a tremendous desire to complicate things.

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