20 messages and quotes by Elza Soares to remember this dear artist

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Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1937, Elza Soares was one of the greatest voices of her generation. The artist’s success crossed borders and was elected the Brazilian singer of the millennium by the BBC Radio of London. Irreverent, she had a striking and very original style! Check out these messages and quotes by Elza Soares and remember this amazing artist.

messages and quotes by Elza Soares to kill the longing for this great Brazilian singer

I love myself, I love life. I believe in life, I still believe in the human being.

I came from the hunger planet and I continue on the hunger planet. It’s an unequal country, it’s a horrible thing, we live in it.

Every suction I take, man, it’s like a kiss. They already told me, “This suffering of yours!” It was not suffering, it was a school of life.

The cheapest meat on the market is black meat. Only blind doesn’t see.

Where’s my cell phone? I will call 180. I will deliver your name and explain my address. Here you no longer come in, I say I don’t know you and play boiling water if you venture out.

My crying is nothing but carnival, it is a tear of samba on the tip.

gives me a hug that the floor opened under us and even the lame stumbles.

I would give my life to those who gave me time. I blew my farewell in this wind.

I always wanted to do something different, I can’t stand label, I’m not soda.

My voice, I use to say what is silent. My country is my place of speech.

Maré Agreement, I sleep waterfall.

ok, it’s wonderful, but perfection does not exist.

God is a mother and all female sciences. Poetry, the rhymes want their lace.

Woman from within each one doesn’t want silence anymore. The woman from inside me tired of the pretext. The woman from the house fled her text.

I have no angry of anyone or I have a hurt of anyone, but as I can have a hurt with this power all that God has given me to sing.

But I don’t give up, no. If you need me, I’m there again!

I believe in God, I think God is present, I believe God is there, without Him I would be nothing.

Under this land, I don’t interest the movement. Under cement, I’m in no hurry. There is no one who wants to dance.

But if I get up nobody will know and what made me die will make me come back.

I’m not afraid of death, because I don’t think I’m going to die. I’ll become a glitter!

Elza Soares is a milestone in Brazilian culture and will always be remembered with love! If you like national singers, read these messages and quotes from Rita Lee full of joy and good humor.

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