20 Margaret Thatcher messages and quotes to know the Iron Lady

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Controversial political figure, Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to occupy the position of British Prime Minister. His iron lady nickname came after the English victory over Argentina in the Falklands War in 1982. Learn more about this important policy that shaped the story of many English with the messages and quotes of Margaret Thatcher!

Margaret Thatcher messages and quotes that well demonstrate the thinking of this famous policy

If you want you to say something, ask a man. If you want you to do something, ask a woman.

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people that you are, you are not.

No one would remember the good Samaritan if he only had good intentions. He also had money.

doing everything with an open heart is not the best idea. The heart should be closed, so it works better.

When woman is granted equality with men, she becomes superior to him.

Look at a day you were extremely satisfied in the end. It is not a day that you rest without doing anything; It is a day you had everything to do and you did it.

I have usually formed my opinion about a man in 10 seconds and rarely the mute.

All power is confidence.

There is no such thing as a society. There are individuals, men and women, and there are families.

Any woman who understands the problems of taking care of a house will be closer to understanding the problems of taking care of a country.

The Iron Lady of the Western World? A Cold War fighter? I agree, if this is how they interpret my defense of fundamental values ​​and freedoms.

People think that at the top there is not much space. They tend to think of the top like an Everest peak. My message is that there is an immensity of space at the top.

It is not absolutely necessary to agree with the interlocutor to find a common language.

will take years – not in my time – until a woman becomes first minister.

If my critics saw me walking over the waters of the Thames river, they would say it’s because I don’t know how to swim.

It was no luck, I deserved it.

Never lie deliberately. But sometimes it should be evasive.

Plan your work for today and every day. Then work your plan.

I like to be at the center of things.

Patience is a virtue, except when it comes to separating the inconveniences.

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