20 Assaré Patativa messages and quotes to know popular art

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Patativa do Assaré (1909 – 2002) was a great Brazilian poet and sudden. His poetry denounce the precarious situation of the northeastern people with a simple, rhythmic language and always with rhymes. He had books translated into various languages ​​and poems musicians by great artists. To learn more, check out the Assaré Patativa messages and quotes that demonstrate popular wisdom in verses.

Assaré Patativa messages and quotes that demonstrate the greatness of the poet’s heart

If the earth was God who did, if it is the work of creation, each peasant must have a band of ground.

I am Matuto do Nordeste, created inside the forest, Caboclo goat of the plague, poet head-head.

I am a poet farmer from the interior of Ceará, disdain, weeping and pain, sing here and sing there.

I’m a son of the Northeast, I don’t deny my Naturá, but a hideous drought has tanged me from there.

Before the election, party, laughter and taste, after the election, tax and more imposed. Poor Matuto do Sertão do Norte!

I am a poet of the Brenha, I do not make the Papé of Argum Menestré, or wandering Cantô I watched wandering, with his guitar, singing, pachola, to the perce of Amô.

My Professo was fire at the base of Portuguese, catalog, was Catalôgo, but great favô made me.

backcountry, arguem you can, I have always sung and still singing so.

There is pain that kills the person without pity or mercy. But there is no pain that donates like the pain of a longing.

It is better to write the right thing than to write the wrong thing.

longing inside the chest is which fire of the morde. On the outside everything perfect, inside doing hole.

I have no wise, because I never studied, just my name my name signs. My father, poor thing! lived without copper and the poor wire can not study.

I really learned it was from the birds.

coming the winter time, everything is loving and tender.

do Campo Even in the forest, the birds manifest themselves, composing the sacred orchestle of this celebration Naturá.

Everything is Peace, everything is affection, in the construction of its nest, sings cheerful the bird the most sound song.

Poetry without rhymes a lot of disanimal and joy does not give me; There is no sabo to read, it seems an isce night without Istrela and without Luá.

The grass in the field is not born, it does not grow: once this field so green and so rich, now it is so hot that it seems to us an oven by burning Angico wood.

At night we noticed the eternal graces in the beautiful lanterns of a thousand fireflies. In the Forest Cup the branches pack and the flowers exude soft perfumes.

poet, street corner, who was born in the city, sing the city that is yours, that I sing the backlands that is mine.

Patativa sang and enchanted the backlands! And if you liked this selection, you will also love the northeastern messages and quotes that bring great cultural richness.

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