15 messages and quotes of Malcolm x to get to know this great revolutionary better

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Malcolm X was an important American black leader who enclosed the racism and prejudice of his day in incidentally. Throughout his life, the revolutionary fought for the rights of the black population and racial equality, serving as a symbol and example to the present day. Get to know your thoughts better with the best messages and quotes of Malcolm X. Choose your favorite and share your strength!

Malcolm X messages and quotes that represent their struggle against racism

This government failed with the black. This so -called democracy failed with the black.

If you can arrive through snow, storm and rain, you will know that it can arrive when it shines the sun and everything will be well.

Education is our passport for the future, because tomorrow belongs to people who prepare today.

We do not fight for integration or separation. We struggle to be recognized as human beings.

We cannot think of uniting with others until we are first united among us. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we first proved acceptable to ourselves.

The only people who really changed the story were the ones who changed men’s thinking about themselves.

If you are not careful, the newspapers will make you hate the people who are being oppressed, and love the people who are oppressing.

Every time you need to trust your enemy for a job, you are in trouble.

The most dangerous creation in the world, in any society, is a man with nothing to lose.

In this country, black is treated as an animal and animals have no surname.

There is nothing better than adversity. Each defeat, every hurt, each loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve its performance next time.

I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.

If you are not ready to die for it, put the word “freedom” out of your vocabulary.

From an early age in life I learned that if you want to win something it is better to make some noise.

You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless you have your freedom.

Despite a history filled with the search for rights and equality, racism remains rooted in our society. Check out our messages and quotes about black conscience and continue in this fight that lasts to the present day!

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