140 messages and quotes for status that will bomb your profile on social networks

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The status of social networks is the perfect field to express what you are feeling. And to draw attention, he deserves to be millimeter thought! With social networks increasingly in evidence, it is the perfect field for sharing a motivation or pinning someone. So, see the best status messages and quotes below!

WhatsApp Status messages and quotes

Be affectionate to yourself and your guests.

The best events are always surprises: they arrive without warning.

I risk, I recreate, I’m not afraid to reinvent myself!

There are many reasons to doubt and one to believe.

Amazing how I like to stay in bed! In the other life, I was a sheet.

I change all the crickets on my head for butterflies in the stomach.

Drink: Don’t post, don’t call or think about WhatsApp.

The heat is so much that if someone treats me coldly, I thank you.

Research shows that waking up early is: slutty.

In Whatsapp Land, connection is proof of love.

I don’t love to make sense, I love to lose your senses.

DAY SLEEP COMES, AT NIGHT SLEEP will, my biological clock should be from Paraguay.

Absent from the Company of Beings in whose core the Falsity Impera!

The person who takes away your sleep is the same that makes you sleep better.

Who is of light does not show your religion, but your love.

Even if you still don’t understand, the best is to come.

The habit of talking to God changes our way of talking to people.

How long will you stay? I prepare a coffee or prepare my life?

Deliver me with every bad, look and humorous! Amen.

Learn how to appreciate the details and the whole will make more sense.

courage, life likes fearless people.

Do not disturb the present self with past frustrations.

The world is those who wake up happy!

believing in yourself is the first step to get where you want.

Reflection messages and quotes for Status

Many lose small joys while awaiting great happiness.

Love is not what you spend a lifetime trying to define. The name of this is abdomen!

Over time we learn that attention, affection and blush has to be just right. Otherwise, we just clown.

He who has never seen sadness will never recognize joy.

It is through faith that God finds breaches to act!

What does not cause my death makes me stronger.

Life is written chapter by chapter. Do not abandon your story.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

Sometimes God takes you the longest way not to punish you, but to prepare you.

Never confuse the people around you with people who are with you.

See each day as a new chance, a fresh start.

Learn to forgive. Wrong is the most human of verbs.

Maybe God will not change the situation. He may be using the situation to change you.

Everything that goes back, but not everything that comes back finds what left.

God knows what you need, even before you ask.

Happy one who finds reciprocity in his relationships.

Each step of life will require a stronger version of you.

Life is from the inside out. When you change inside, life changes on the outside.

Everything has your time, waiting is part of the process.

Be happy today, tomorrow is another moment.

It is in silence that wisdom appears in our thinking.

Don’t be afraid to lose, even worse is not to conquer at any time.

messages and quotes for Profile Status

Happy from all angles, smiling everywhere!

Cultivate all people and the certain spring!

The right path is what satisfies you and the other undoes us.

I don’t agree with a bad mood, only I wake up with laziness to be cool …

that of my pains flowers flowers.

Who is knees before God, stands in front of any circumstance.

You will never be good enough for everyone, but it will always be perfect for those who deserve you.

If you talk bad about me, call me! I know terrible things about me.

Imagine a new story for your life and believe it.

In constant transformation, always seeking my best version.

In a world of comparisons, loving yourself is revolutionary.

At the adverse time, count on me to be your protection.

Being happy is what inspires me. Less than that, it doesn’t fit me anymore.

In the end, you will thank every stumble to get here.

Floresting requires going through all stations!

To live is to have the freedom to make your own choices.

It is with faith in tomorrow that we build a better today.

The best of me, I dedicate only to myself.

Knowing yourself is the best you can do for you.

Be you, for you. Just for you.

The goal is to be better than yesterday, tomorrow we take care later.

Today, whoever sees me here can’t imagine how much I walked.

Because God made me like this, owner of me.

Each is special in their own way.

Short messages and quotes for Status

Each person has a rhythm. Don’t compare yourself!

Everything in life is learning. Pay more attention!

Life is equal math: if it is easy, it is wrong.

God knows what weight your shoulder can handle.

If you feel a void… eat, which is hungry!

Only time knows how to tell your hours.

I had a sweet side, but I ate.

You are the memory that I keep with the most tenderness.

God takes care of every detail.

Lighting the light of others does not turn off yours!

Love is the result of the sum of both of us!

The Holy Spirit rules me and protects.

Love is, above all: attitude!

God: the base of my self.

At the right time, the masks fall.

God is our only real need.

Calm your heart. Less anxiety, more faith!

Follow your intuition, always!

That was God’s project, deliverance.

Be present. Here and now.

He is my angel, only without wings.

Do not mistreat yourself. Vigie!

Where there is will, there is a chance to work out!

You get your peace, it is likely not to be worth it.

Indirect messages and quotes for Status

Deliver me from the evil disguised as well.

Your message has been received, viewed and successfully ignored.

Study… Well, the pen is lighter than the shovel.

If disappointment teaches, I already have college.

I hope for the happiness of others, happy people don’t get the bag!

The world goes around. This explains so many dizzy people!

Just don’t dating you because I don’t know if you would endure so much happiness!

There are people who are so boring, but so boring, that shouting in the cave, neither the echo responds.

Some people create their own storms and then they get sad when it rains.

It is so much false feeling that the true begin to make sense.

Sympathy to make money: Early wake up, shower and go to work!

You don’t realize and I don’t show it. We are still like this, pretending to feel nothing.

You who have already taken a direction … Do you taste like?

How is the name of the disease of the person who hates you, but yields your social networks every day?

There are things we don’t lose, get rid of.

If you want me evil, I wish you good, after all each offers what you have.

What do you want to the envious? Lots of lighting, because they live in the darkness.

I took the ice you gave me and took with a dose of shame in my face.

Not everything I post is indirect. But everything that reaches is heavy consciousness.

The feeling did not die, he only tired.

the envious is like this: observes you, criticizes, and in the end ends up imitating you.

If I cut you out of my life, there is a great chance of you having given me the scissors.

If you obey all the rules, it loses the fun.

Instagram status messages and quotes

Coffee to change what I can, wine to accept what I can’t.

we misunderstand the world and then say that it disappoints us.

It is easier to tune in with the lightness than fighting with what weighs.

For love and cachaça we always say again, but only while the hangover lasts.

Love is wanting to be and even in difficulties not to leave, because love is like this: comfort and safety!

It does not live as we mean, half-halve or half-love. She likes to overflow!

As much as you love God, His love for you will always be infinitely greater.

Be the one who gets up when others at least don’t know you fell.

Of course it was your fault, it was your hug that took the fun of all the others…

You should do what you think you can’t do. Capacity you have!

If God has filled his life with obstacles, it is because He believes in his ability to go through each one.

Never let the things you want to make you forget the things you have.

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by simply changing his attitude.

Light with your problems before they deal with your happiness.

Why fit themselves if we are born is to stand out?!

Your beliefs are what define you, you become the things you believe.

Make it happen! Everything you employ time and energy will somehow be returned to you.

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