140 birthday messages and quotes to congratulate with great affection

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To complete another year of life is to embrace the possibilities! Check out amazing birthday messages and quotes and congratulate a dear and special person. Here you will find ways to honor with a few words or even a happy full birthday!

Birthday messages and quotes for WhatsApp

That today is full of happy memories of the past and great hopes for the future. Congratulations, best wishes!

On this day, you find the way to fulfill all your dreams and learn more and more to enjoy the good side of life, making experiences a staircase to reach the top of achievements.

Birthday is a moment of reflection, to think that another year has completed itself and that every day it is necessary to improve the essence of what we live and share it with the people who do us good. Congratulations!

I want cake, I want laughs! May this day have a filling with happiness and may the joy be the order to toast your birthday!

May all your dreams come true and all your desires are achieved. You deserve the best things in this world! Cheers.

It could be a national holiday today, because in the world a special person is not always born! Congratulations on another birthday. May God bless you at all times!

If being happy is a decision, I hope happiness and hope will be the main choice of your new cycle. Happy Birthday to you!

That, on this day, everything that is most beautiful on the face of the earth comes in your life. A thousand and a congratulations to you, which deserves all the love of the world!

May the brightness of your life seek, in heaven, the essence of the light of victory to spread optimism, hope, understanding and courage. Cheers for you!

All I wish you are dreams to realize, adventures to live, money to spend, happiness to smile and health to enjoy it all! Congratulations.

I made the roof of happiness so that the rain of joy falls and drains, filling your heart with achievements! May this date be full of love and affection in your life.

Today, my gift is to celebrate another year of your life! May something bigger be destined for you, that deserves dreams come true and countless achievements.

You are open to new challenges: let it be another year of adventures and great discoveries! May the universe be good with you. Happy Birthday!

May the dreams come to be taken to you and may you be able to renew them in your heart! Congratulations to you, on this dear and special date.

Today is a special day: the day you arrived in the world! Thank you, my God, for allowing me to live and grow daily with this wonderful company that is you!

Congratulations on the birthday! May happiness be your greatest companion on this wonderful journey called Life. Your dreams will come true!

May God continue to illuminate you and protect you today and always. Happy birthday! I’m sure the guardian angel will always accompany you.

Another year of life proud of who you are becoming! Today gratitude takes over my heart for being able to accompany its development. Happy Birthday!

Today, you delete the candles with the certainty that every dream of the past birthday has come true. Everything was worth it! Good to share this moment with you. Congratulations!

Cheers for you! May your life always be a sum of victories and achievements.

Birthday messages and quotes for Special Person

It is time to celebrate life. May your day be blessed and special as you deserve. Happy birthday! I like you very much.

Your best days are waiting for you. Happy birthday! Believe me, the special moments will come, because you are a wonderful person.

Happy Birthday! Because it is so special, you deserve all the love that exists in the universe. May happiness accompany you today and always!

Happy birthday, special and blessed little thing! May God protect you today and always. Best wishes, your dreams and goals are achieved!

Embrace the new beginnings and the new challenges of this phase that begins. May everything be amazing and special. Congratulations for another year of life!

All the best in the world I wish you! Happy birthday. May every day of your life be special like you!

That great blessings bathe you on this special day. Happy birthday! May your smiles multiply in the certainty of happy events.

May this special day be filled by all the joys of the world! It is with great pleasure that today I will wish you my congratulations.

The youth of the soul is a gift and the years are not able to erase it. Happy birthday to you, who is so special in my life!

We only grow old when we stop having fun! Happy birthday. May your life be full of special moments!

Happy Birthday! May your life be filled with good and happy moments, with the certainty that amazing things will happen. You are special!

Congratulations! May the love of God be present every day of your life, that on this date, it is even more amazing and special.

happiness! Lots of peace, health and success in your life. Congratulations on this special day that is your birthday. You deserve the best!

May the brightness of your new age be more intense with each new dawn! May God continue to illuminate your life and your walk.

happiness! May your life be increasingly full of love and peace, may divine light be a constant in every step you walk.

Congratulations on another birthday! May God bless you and flood your life with the happiness that fits in your heart. You are special for me!

Happy Birthday! What magical feelings take over your heart, which is as pure, generous and special as you are too.

May happiness be your constant companion! Congratulations, that this special date is repeated for many and many years.

God prepared you beautiful things, you know? Follow your dreams, because they are all special and important to their development. Happy Birthday!

happiness! May every good moment be repeated at this new age. Time to toast your amazing day, let him be flowery and radiant!

Birthday messages and quotes for friend

Congratulations on this special day, friend! A lot of joy, peace and harmony. May all your desires come true, for you deserve the best things in the world. Happy Birthday!

You are a charming and very special person. On this beautiful day, I wish you start a new cycle full of success, love and happiness. Congratulations on the birthday, my dear friend!

Today is your birthday and I want to wish you all the joys of this life. You are a special friend with whom I feel good to be every day on this wonderful adventure that is living. Congratulations!

I am very proud of you and the friendship we have built over the years! Congratulations and never stop being this wonderful person who has won my heart so much. Happy Birthday, friend!

Even though it is far away, my affection for you will always be the same. Congratulations, best wishes and that this date is repeated for many years. I love you friend! At all times and circumstances.

Congratulations! May God always continue to guide you and illuminate your way with much health and prosperity. You deserve the best things in the world for being this friend so dear and special!

I celebrate your joy on this enlightened date that floods the lives of all of us, your friends! Happy birthday! May life be as special as you are for all of us, who admire you.

Today is not any day, it is a very special day. You are completing another year of life and I am very happy to celebrate this date with you. Happy birthday! May our friendship be firm and lasting.

My joy is to see your happiness, so in this beautiful and special date, I ask the sun to illuminate your day to reflect all the love and affection I feel for you. Congratulations, friend!

With all my affection and friendship, I wish much happiness for your birthday. Congratulations, my dear friend! Know that every year, my admiration for you only increases. You are my inspiration!

It is wonderful to be part of your birthday, have this beautiful friendship with you and be able to share with you this unique date where your smile spreads joys in the hearts they love you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, beautiful friend! That’s what I wish with love, because if you are happy, I will surely be too. Success and many victories on your walk! May God give you great friendships, like mine.

Glad your birthday has arrived! Today we have a lot to celebrate and share with you the pleasure of being part of your life, having your friendship, your smile and your contagious joy. Congratulations, friend!

May this day of celebration and celebration be full of fun and joy, as well as the days to come. You are very special in my life and walk, friend. Happy birthday! May God protect you forever and ever.

Friend, I wish your birthday be beautiful, as beautiful as the brightness of your eyes reflecting joys in the hearts they love you. Happy birthday! Know that you are very special for all of us, that we have you around.

That today you can celebrate the gift of life surrounded by tenderness and love of friends who always knew how to captivate. Cheers! Lots of light, peace and discernment to value those who add to your walk.

Birthday reminds me of cake, soda, colorful bullets and also the flowers that today send you to tell you how much your presence in my life means. Congratulations, my friend! Have a special day as you deserve.

Birthday is to celebrate another year of life and, with friends, find out how much we are loved and what we represent for people. Happy birthday! Know that you have a special space in my heart, friend.

What makes this different day from others is your birthday, which brings me so many joys and the pleasure of being your friend and being able to be by your side on this happy date once again. Congratulations, dear friend! May your day be illuminated.

Congratulations on your birthday, my friend! I wish you pleasant surprises and happy events. May this day bring you many infinite adventures and joys, as well as the company of friends who like you so much!

Birthday messages and quotes for sister

That your birthday brings everything good that you need and deserves: gifts, joys, friendships and many achievements. Congratulations, little sister of my heart!

Congratulations on your new age, little sister! May this date mark the beginning of a conscious and profitable life, full of love, health, peace and happiness.

Congratulations, dear sister! I wish each birthday, you are a step closer to the realization of your dreams, because taking them out of paper is paramount to be even happier.

Your birthday is the date my heart expects eager to tell you how much you mean to me, sister. Congratulations and may the happiness of the world accompany you!

There are so many lived stories, so many shared moments … Happy Birthday, my life partner! Without you, my world would be unhappy and would be incomplete.

Your birthday, besides being celebrated, must be shared, enjoyed and lived, as it is the date God gave you as a gift to our family. Happy Birthday, sister!

Congratulations, dear sister! That, over the years, you gain wisdom, serenity and spiritual riches. May your life be fed up with love and prosperity!

sister, I wish you all the joys of this world. And that you can be a child on this splendid date in which we celebrate your happiness between chords of joy!

sister, today is a very special day! As a gift, I wish the years never delete the joy of your smile and the brightness of your gaze. I love to have you close to me!

Age is new, new responsibilities, but our paths remain connected! Happy birthday for the best part of me: my sister!

My sister, happy birthday! May God always be by your side, guiding your steps and guiding you the right way. May your dreams be achievable and that you can conquer them the way you want!

May the good times multiply and may joy always be present in this new life cycle that you start today. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a beautiful day, full of fun and a lot of joy with the people you love. Cheers, my favorite sister! Know that I have a lot of love for you.

When you arrived, my world became more complete. Thanks for being the one who shares the best of life with me. Happy Birthday, my dear sister!

Our family only became perfect when you came to fill us with your joy and existence. Congratulations, the best sister in this world! I promise to take care of you forever.

Today, I recognize that I have a great sister! And of your love, I filled myself and in this world I found myself. Happy birthday! Thank you for your companionship and partnership. Count on me!

Happy Birthday! With all your affection, you arrived the giant piece of my heart. I thank the heavens for their existence! Thank you for being my sister and also my best friend.

Living with you is a gift from God! Happy Birthday, my dear sister.

Without you, the world would be difficult and very embarrassed! Thank you for completing me without asking for anything in return. Happy Birthday, know that my love for you is unconditional!

More than sister, you are my best friend! The one I can count on at all times, whether good or bad. And so, I wish much of it!

Birthday messages and quotes for Mother

How not to give thanks to God for a day like today? He gave us the most precious gift we have: You, Mother! Happy birthday and many blessings. Thanks for making my life the best possible!

Today dawned full of light, as it is the birthday of a very special person. May your days be full of harmony and not lack the love of your friends and especially family members. Congratulations, Mom!

Happy Birthday! Today, more than ever, don’t forget to thank and smile, because your laughter is contagious and your joy illuminates everything around you. Love you mom! You deserve all the happiness.

Mother, Happy Birthday! May the brightness of happiness be like a needle to embroider in your soul all the beautiful things your heart deserves. Know that you are my constant inspiration! Many happiness.

May God, in your infinite goodness, give you all the good you deserve. Thank you for all dedication and love with us, for always seeking your best even when we are not worthy. Congratulations, mom!

The birthday is yours, but who receives the gift every year is the people who have you in their lives. Mom, a happy birthday for you! May God protect you in all your walk.

The years pass and delete more candles, but the cakes, the best friends and the family company are more desired. All this because you exist and deserve it. Mother, congratulations!

Happy birthday to the one who gave me the gift of life and today celebrates another year of yours. Congratulations, mom! Know that the best part of me is surely you. How good it is to have you to love!

My dear mother, I feel that God, when you did you, used a special magic, putting the brightness of all the stars in your eyes and the most beautiful and true feelings. Congratulations on the birthday!

Thanks for each scolding and also for every shared advice, thanks for prioritizing me and making me your life project. I love you so much! Happy Birthday, Mother.

Tears last for one night, but the joys arrive with the morning sun. Congratulations on your birthday, mom! Thanks for the lap that gives me, you are the best medicine for my insecurities.

Perfect even in your defects, I would not trade you for any other mother. Cheers, my queen! Thanks for so much sincere and true love, you are my pride and my reason for living.

Thanks for often giving you the best thinking for me. Congratulations to the one who deserves all my consideration! You are and always will be the best mother among the best mothers.

Always having you around is what I need to be happy. I wish much, my mother! Thanks for being my safe haven, support when I need it and when I don’t need it either. Best friend at all times!

You are the woman who inspires me daily with your strength and desire to be better every day. Happy birthday, mom! Thank you for always fulfilling your role responsibly. I’m better because I have you!

Congratulations on your birthday, mother! May this day be eternal, full of love and pleasure to live. I am happy to be the son of the strongest woman I know! All the happiness of the world for you.

Mother, who today life gives you every little effort that made you this amazing, determined and struggling woman! Happy Birthday, you are my inspiration, the strength I need to move on in search of my dreams.

Not all “I love you” will be enough to repay the love you give me daily. But know that you deserve every little demonstration of affection that my heart allows! Happy Birthday, Queen.

Mother, on this special day, I miss you so much! May we soon be together celebrating your life in the way you deserve it. Thank you for revealing the best of me with your love and dedication.

The world is only wonderful because it has the presence of wonderful mothers like you! Happy birthday! What I have best in this life for sure came from you.

Birthday messages and quotes for Daughter

Your birth was my greatest gift, in your being I found the essence of all the good things that feed my heart. Happy Birthday, my daughter!

You are my charm, the reflection of my love for your father. It is also my sun, the stars and the gift God gave me. Happy birthday, dear daughter!

daughter, I love you so much! And my greatest joy is to be able to celebrate with you another birthday. Congratulations, reason for my existence! You are the translation of what love is.

Today is your birthday! And all that is most important on this date is to know that God blew life in your soul and made you exist to complete our family! Cheers, daughter.

Happy Birthday! That there is no lack of good doses of my love in your days, daughter. No matter how much you grow, it will always be my little favorite.

Happy Birthday, dear daughter! When God allowed you to celebrate another year of existence, he did not imagine that the greatest gift would be mine: to celebrate your life!

Your heart is beautiful and deserves equally beautiful things. Congratulations, my little angel. You deserve a more than special day!

All great desires begin in the heart. And from the heart, I wish you: Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!

Your smile makes the world a much better place. Never forget that, my daughter. Happy birthday! You are the best I have in my life.

I hope you have your best birthday, because you simply deserve the best of this existence! I love you, dear daughter. Happy Birthday!

You have won every piece of my heart! Therefore, today he is his territory, because love for children we do not divide. Happy Birthday, Princess!

daughter, it was through your affection that I met happiness! Thank you for giving me daily reasons to always be your mother. Happy Birthday!

How perfect fate is: allowed us to be together in another birthday of yours! Congratulations, dear daughter of my heart.

Happy Birthday! By your side I feel that all efforts are always worth it! You make my heart beat faster and happiness, my daughter.

daughter, my journey was only complete after you were born! Happy Birthday to those who complete me in every way.

I didn’t believe in full happiness until you hold you in my arms … Thank you for allowing me to know the best side of life: along with those we love! Happy Birthday, daughter.

How good it is to know that I am in your heart … and that you dwell my reciprocally! Cheers, my beloved and eternal daughter.

Today, your gift is my unlimited and unconditional love! Daughter, happy birthday. You are the most beautiful story God wrote in my life.

With each passing year, I am proud of you more. Happy birthday, beloved daughter! May you enjoy life with the intensity it deserves.

Happy Birthday! My princess, know that you have someone who wants you well for eternity … Tell me at all times!

Birthday messages and quotes with love

happiness! This message is full of affection, because it is for someone very special: you, who makes my existence worth it. Happy Birthday!

May all wonders stand upon you on this beautiful day. Your existence is the greatest reason for my joy, so I wish you all love and happiness. Congratulations!

On this wonderful day, I wish your most anticipated dreams for your heart come true. Happy Birthday, you deserve the world!

Congratulations to the birthday of the day! I wish a lot of health, tranquility and infinite joys with yours. A kiss and a big hug!

Happy Birthday! On this date, I wish you all the joys and happiness that your beautiful heart deserves. An enlightened path for you!

The heart you love will always be young. I wish you a year full of love and joy. May God bless you with many years of life full of peace!

I wish you the perfume of flowers, may friends tell you beautiful words, may happiness fall from the sky to flood your soul of light. Congratulations!

Today is the day to thank life! Congratulations! May your day be filled with good surprises and that your ways are surprising. Happy Birthday!

On this wonderful date, may God’s blessings come to you the most beautiful congratulations. Happy Birthday!

May your life be as bright as the stars in the sky and that you can absorb their brightness at every moment of your life. Congratulations, best wishes!

May you find the way to make all your dreams shine every year. Congratulations and a happy birthday! Have a fresh start with great blessings.

Congratulations on the birthday! May your days always be marked by good times, smiles and joys. May positive feelings dominate your heart!

Today is a party day! I wish you a year full of love, affection and that happiness will gather to make home in your heart. Happy Birthday!

You are so loved today and every day. Happy birthday! I will be with you wherever it is, when it is and for whatever it is. Count on me always!

Today, the world got better because of your presence. May you have a wonderful birthday as it deserves, may God protect every minute of your life!

I will be eternally grateful for your presence in my life! With you, I learn daily to be a better person. Happy Birthday, receive my affection in message form!

If you knew how valuable it is, you would see with other eyes from that birthday! You are special, just know that and make sure it makes a difference in my life.

Thanks to you, I believed people’s goodness again. Thank you for all the good things you allow me to experience! Happy birthday. I wish you all the happiness in this world!

What would me be without your company in this life? Happy birthday to you, which brings meaning to my existence. It’s great to be able to count on you and your friendship!

Congratulations on the birthday! You are loved and deserve that your deepest dreams will be fulfilled! Your heart is giant and you are an admirable person.

One more beautiful congratulations than the other, isn’t it? Choosing one of these birthday messages and quotes for a special person is a way to reaffirm your feelings for her. Nassim, see also these loving birthday messages and quotes for friend who will surely make your day’s fake sister, unforgettable! It is even stronger and happier when you want congratulations to a special person who, in some way, complements your existence.

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