130 Short birthday messages and quotes to congratulate everyone you love

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Beyond the gifts, the best part of the birthday is to receive affectionate messages from relatives and friends who remind you how much you are loved and beloved by the people around you. Birthday is a very important day, so why not share your affection for people close to you on their birthday? Share short birthday messages and quotes with your friends!

Short birthday messages and quotes to send your congratulations

May the joy you sowed in the past bear fruit and you can harvest it on this day. Congratulations!

that by blowing candles, it is all weight of the past and gives room to new achievements in this new cycle. Congratulations!

Your life will reach the heights in this new cycle. Enjoy the trip and be sure to take our best feelings in your luggage. Congratulations!

I make a point of celebrating another year of life of this amazing person! Happy Birthday!

Happiness will make home in your heart in this new cycle that begins, I’m sure. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your day! May these moments of joy today echo like eternity in the heart.

May all your dreams come true and luck make you visits this year. Congratulations to one of the most beloved people I have ever met!

Let the candles not count on the cake, but you see the lights they give. Do not contain the years, but the life you live. Have an amazing year! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! May your day, like your life, be blessed and full of reasons to smile from beginning to end!

Congratulations for another year of beautiful and memorable life. Happy Birthday!

That the wisdom gained over the years is just an incentive for your future victories! Congratulations!

That this date is the beginning of surprising achievements and achievements. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to those who make my days happier. I love you!

There is no birthday gift that can represent how essential you are to me. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! May God mix the best essences and make your life the most fragrant fragrance in this world!

Today is the day to celebrate life. May your day be blessed. Happy Birthday!

All great desires begin in the heart. And from the heart I wish you: Happy Birthday!

Those who can laugh, dance, love life and from it only take joy, deserve to live many and many years. Cheers!

that your life is always a sum of victories. Congratulations!

May this day be full of happy memories of the past and great hopes for the future. Cheers!

Congratulations on your day! May your life be always a cheerful and colorful garden!

Forget the past, because the best things are yet to come in the future. Have a happy birthday, a surprising cycle!

Congratulations on this special day, a lot of joy, peace and harmony. Cheers!

Today could be a national holiday, because in the world, amazing people like you don’t come to the world every day!

Living with you brings renewal to my days! Congratulations, my love.

Birthdays mark a new beginning to look for new horizons with new goals. May today and every other day be amazing for you!

That on this date all the happiness in the world are yours. Congratulations!

Your friendship is so important to me that I want you close always… Happy Birthday!

For the most surprising person in the world, all the more than special hugs on this day. Congratulations!

Every birthday is a new chance that life offers to renew itself. Good start. Happy Birthday!

May your life be always constituted by good times. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your day and for being who you are!

Happy Birthday. May you fulfill each day the promise of happiness, love and peace.

For the love of my life, receive my votes with a great kiss of congratulations!

Those who know you should feel fortunate, just for the mere fact of knowing you. Congratulations!

Come give me a hug before you realize that I didn’t bring you a gift. Congratulations!

Not every year they live: one thing is to tell the years, another is to live them.

With each passing year I see myself more in love with you! Happy Birthday!

Spring today in your life has gathered another flower in your garden and God will send you as a gift happiness and much love. Congratulations to you!

Today is the day when a blessing has come to the world to inspire people around you. Happy Birthday!

Birthday is to look back with gratitude and forward with faith! Happy Birthday!

You are completing another year of life and I am very happy to celebrate this date with you. Happy Birthday!

Each age has its beauty and this beauty must always be a freedom.

Happy Birthday! May your life be filled with good and happy moments. Congratulations!

God bless you on your birthday and overflow your home with happiness and joy. Congratulations!

Congratulations this day today … happiness for all eternity …

I wish you a beautiful day, full of fun and a lot of joy with the people you love. Cheers!

Congratulations on this day that makes mine so special. May your life shine a lot of joy, peace and harmony. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May your light shine and let love follow you with every step. Count on me!

Today is a party day! I wish you a year full of love and joy. Happy Birthday.

You are older today than yesterday, but younger than tomorrow. Happy Birthday to those who improve with time like wine!

Forget the past, you cannot change it; The future cannot predict it, and the present, because I did not buy you one. Happy Birthday!

Age does not pass detail in a life full of vigor and dreams to realize. Happy Birthday!

An amazing day of a special person. May the celebrations remember how loved by us and everyone who knows you.

By defining friendship, I just think of you. Thank you for making this day striking, a reminder that kindness exists. Congratulations!

Your presence has evoked the best in us. Your birthday is not just a feast, but a grace that God has given us. Congratulations!

May the greatest piece of happiness be yours on this day. You deserve! Congratulations!

May the happiness that they want you so much on this date will be performed from today. Congratulations!

I see luck smile every time you are around. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday!

Today everything is about you and this craze that has to make us happy. Congratulations! Let’s celebrate!

Someone who came to add joys, multiply dreams and sharing moments could not fail to be remembered. Congratulations!

Anniversary not only marks the passage of time, but I start with new projects. A new version of you is coming! I can’t wait for us to celebrate.

All happiness in the world to this wonderful being that makes it extraordinary all ordinary of my life. Congratulations!

My happy moments always have your face in the middle. Thank you for being the reason for my smile! Happiness is mine for meeting you! Congratulations!

Once a year, I make a point of remembering that my joy was born and continues to spread to me daily. Congratulations!

Your life is too precious to stop celebrating it. Cheers, my dear! We celebrate without

One day is too little to celebrate you. How about lifetime? Congratulations!

I owe you a tight hug full of affection so that you know how much you are to be congratulated!

Another year rocking on the track deserves to be celebrated. Congratulations, good people!

aging is boring, but being the voice of experience, full of stories to tell, is only for those who can. Congratulations, friend!

If you are around, the laugh is guaranteed. Congratulations! That multiply the achievements and the reasons for smiling in this new cycle.

Happy Birthday. Life becomes more beautiful when we have people who remind us how much we are loved and you are. Thank you for existing!

For days I ask myself what I did to deserve you in my life! Joy to have you as a blessing. Congratulations!

Many years ago, heaven opened and sent an angel to illuminate my life. Congratulations!

Since I met you, I have covered the joy of living. Congratulations on being the one that makes everything lighter and life with more sense!

You do so much for others that it becomes inevitable not wanting you around. Happy Birthday, God’s blessing!

The day dawned differently. A ray of light came into the world to illuminate us and deserve to be celebrated. My congratulations, life!

dismiss the cake because today will only give a sweetie in my life, you! Cheers, my love!

By blowing the candles, the biggest light cannot be turned off, you. Congratulations!

There is no room on this planet for so many gifts and affection that you should receive for being you. Congratulations!

That this next year is the icing on your life in your life. The best is yet to come! Cheers!

Happy birthday for the best person who makes everything even better with age. Have a lot of fun in this new cycle!

If it was amazing it was a crime, you would take life prison. Happiness brother! I admire you too much.

I don’t know if it hurt, but when you fell from heaven, God became more present for me. Happy Birthday, dear!

Happy birthday for those who make my life a party. Happy Birthday, Breast Friend!

Success has name, surname and address. Congratulations, friend! Amazing that you exist and stay in my life!

Look if it’s not my brother of another mother getting older … My congratulations, brother! Let’s celebrate!

This day has everything to be amazing. After all, the reason for my most crazy laughs came into the world to pull sadness and deserve to be celebrated. Congratulations!

What I would like to send you could not be packed, only personally I will give you the hugs, kisses and all affection it deserves. Congratulations!

older, wiser and, by breaking, sexier? It is for a few even. Congratulations!

There are so many things to tell you that day that they do not fit here. You are a dream for me. Congratulations! I wish you heaven!

You will need a larger cake for so many candles, but also for so many achievements that will come in this new cycle! Congratulations!

Day of pit stop in the bars after birthday gifts arrived! Congratulations! Today we will make this day be memorable like you.

Let it be a day full of great affection to supply your heart of happy memories for more this cycle that begins. Congratulations!

Let’s make the experience of aging to the most surprising one might imagine. Happy Birthday, my old man!

If it wasn’t for you, my therapist would be rich. Thank you for turning my chaos into good stories. I love you. Cheers always!

We have been friends for so long that I can’t tell us the bad influence. For the life partner, congratulations!

You are not getting old, you are becoming a legend. Congratulations, dear! Life will still surprise you a lot!

Congratulations! May the future wrinkles of the face be stories of smiles that we will give in this new stage, represent how happy we have been.

Not all are presented with the life of a best friend. Congratulations! May it be happier than you make me.

Today is too special to be just a birthday, it is the day my love has entered life. Congratulations!

No one else could turn one day like today into an unforgettable date. Happy Birthday!

The day we met was striking, the day you came to life is worthy of praise! Have such a happy birthday as you make me!

I admire the woman you have become. Time only did you good. Let new stage come to continue surprising us. Congratulations!

If I could, would celebrate your life, your birthday every day! Happy Birthday, Love!

It is no coincidence that a precious soul like yours comes into the world. Wherever you are, happiness accompanies you. Happy Birthday!

That the happiness lived today radiates for all the other days of the year. Congratulations!

This breath in routine is to remind you that your life makes the lives of others better. Happy Birthday!

Where there is life, there must be a party! Congratulations are for the wonderful person you are!

Congratulations! Life is a gift to be unwrapped every year. That surprises come in this new cycle.

You have the gift of turning an ordinary day into a special date! Congratulations!

May the candles go out, light the certainty of how you are loved. Cheers, dear!

Another year, more reasons to celebrate your presence that is a true gift to me. Happy Birthday!

If everyone had the privilege I have to call you a friend, they would know that goodness exists. Happy Birthday, dear!

That this day, though brief, be intense as you. Have a memorable birthday, love!

I wish this birthday present you with all the happiness you want in this new cycle!

No matter what happened, birthday is always a fresh start! Be happy from today, friend!

That when adding another year in your life, may the mistakes be behind and happiness is getting closer!

Your birthday is a sweet memory of how happy I am to have wonderful friends like you!

Celebrating your birthday is to celebrate life in full force! All happiness in the world to you!

I don’t need creative words on your birthday when a simple “I love you” sums up everything. Congratulations!

You make instant something eternal. Thank you for existing. Your happiness is my biggest goal, my love!

The world got a little better after you were born. What could you wish for you but the sky? Congratulations!

Are you seeing this smile that doesn’t come out of my face? This is what you cause to everyone who knows you. Congratulations!

a smile from you and the sky opens. Your life makes miracle something visible. Congratulations! May you find eternal happiness.

Life becomes more beautiful with you around. I couldn’t fail to tell you that congratulations! Thanks for everything!

To whom should I congratulate: your talent for making us happy or God so inspired that you created such an enlightened being?

I spent all luck when we became friends. Nothing fairer than celebrating the day you were born to shine!

Perfect day to remember all the follies we already live. None of this would be possible without you. Thank you for existing!

That all the strength you need to realize your dreams find today in the affections of those who believe in you! Cheers!

It is not always necessary a text to demonstrate how much if you like someone, especially on the birthday. Certeiras, those short birthday messages and quotes as a chosen message the finger are able to give the other with all the necessary affection!

The celebration of the date was born is perfect to surround yourself with the most beloved and beloved people who make you feel good; day also conducive to review concepts, recalculate the route towards the conquest of your dreams.

Don’t let this day go in vain! Enjoy all the affection received, gratitude for the years lived and all this atmosphere of restart to think about life. Check out birthday reflection messages and quotes, send it to your favorite birthday or bring a new perspective to your special day.

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