120 WhatsApp status messages and quotes that say everything with a few words

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The space to update WhatsApp status may even be small, but it is possible to say a lot. You can use reflection messages and quotes, a lyrics you like and even declare your love for someone. How about a selection that contains options for all these moments? Then check out the WhatsApp status messages and quotes we selected!

WhatsApp status messages and quotes with music lyrics

Music lyrics often help us express everything we feel. We have separated some below that are perfect to update your status, check it out!

Let’s live our dreams, we have so little time.

Money comes to confuse love.

It takes love to be able to pulse, it takes peace to be able to smile.

Before I even smiled, today I see the full glasses and the empty people …

And now, whose guilt is it? It’s your fault for having this smile or is my fault falling in love with it?

My laugh is so happy with you. My best friend is my love.

NOTHING What it was will be again the way it was once.

I already have my foot on this road, any day we see each other. I know nothing will be like before tomorrow …

What do I want? Quiet!

It is the inatious ones that teach how to grow!

The art of being crazy is never to commit the madness of being a normal subject.

God is Brazilian, but not kind.

Despite you, tomorrow it must be another day!

I always give my way, it’s gross, but it is with love. Because God made me like this, owner of me.

Even in the most banal things, for me it’s all or never again.

Happiness is just a matter of being.

Always in front, we don’t have time to waste.

The ability I have to set up an arsenal of clich├ęs to delight you.

Want to know the meaning of life? Forward.

love and change things interest me more.

messages and quotes for reflection WhatsApp status

If you like to propose intelligent reflections whenever you can, the following sentences are a good choice. Surely your contacts will realize how smart you are!

Leave behind what doesn’t take you forward.

gets used to the stones that are halfway. It is with them that you will build your castle.

Enjoy the moment of now because before and after they do not exist!

It is the storms that teach you how to navigate!

Never show your wounds to those you don’t trust. Blood attracts sharks.

The only time you can do something is now. Keep your mind in the present.

Who doesn’t know what they want, loses what they have.

To live is to balance themselves all the time between choices and consequences.

May the wind take what is necessary and bring enough.

Don’t be afraid of being who you are. The world needs authenticity.

Forget the times of suffering, but never forget what you have learned from them.

No one is responsible for the expectations you create.

If it is difficult, continue and don’t give up!

Do not confuse what you deserve with what you accept.

Sometimes we need to get lost to meet.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Yes, I have defects. And just to warn you, you also have.

Blessing is the inner peace no one can take.

Who you want to have around.

Some people appear in our lives as blessings, others as a lesson.

Funny WhatsApp status messages and quotes

Laughing is always a good medicine, when we share with dear people is even better. Check out the messages and quotes we have separated in this category and have fun!

If there’s one thing that ends my day is the night.

For a good connoisseur, an eyebrow raised enough.

Sometimes in the silence of the night I keep imagining the good in the refrigerator.

If someone throws you a stone, be different. Play a brick.

Who early Madruga spends the day with sleep.

It’s every tire that hits, sometimes I think my body is about 64 years older than me.

The secret not to stop dreaming: keep sleeping!

My life must be very cool because they do not stop taking care of it.

I am ugly, but in the eyes of God we are all the same. That means you are ugly too.

and if life becomes a bar, which is chocolate.

Master in pretending I didn’t notice. But I noticed, I noticed a lot. Oh how I noticed!

I with jealous investigate better than FBI.

I am not psychologically prepared for Monday.

If I die young is okay, because they say everything that is good lasts shortly.

I would even make a joke about politicians, but they would steal the grace.

If life were easy, baby would not be born crying.

Today I woke up so cute that when I went to yawn, I miei.

For each complaint about me, make a deposit on my account, please.

It’s my fault and I put it on who I want.

I went to play with a little life with life and I’m picking up so far.

Beautiful WhatsApp status messages and quotes

Are you looking for a very interesting phrase? So invest in the beautiful messages and quotes. They will surely draw the attention of their contacts. See below:

One day that starts grateful ends up realized.

Beauty is to have a good heart, a flowery soul and an elegant character!

No matter the color of the sky, the beautiful day is you!

Be a good person, but don’t waste your time proving it.

Being light is not about shine, it is about lighting paths.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

If your interior is at peace, the rest does so much!

When more gratitude, more good things the universe brings. We receive what we emanate.

Humility is the foundation of wisdom.

I’m grateful for everything that happened to me, because it made me who I am today.

I leave aroma to my thorns, in the distance, the wind goes on me.

The dream invigorates all the tiredness of the way.

And that I know how to be light even though it is surrounded by cloudy people.

We are instant. Know how to make a difference in each of them.

Be different, do not knock down, help you get up.

empathy is to feel with the heart of the other.

Big Things are made of a lot of things.

Where you invest your time, you invest your life.

Tomorrow is another day. I learned that yesterday.

Life is not about goals, achievements and arrivals. It is about who you become during the walk.

messages and quotes for Love WhatsApp status

When we love we want to show the world that love has hooked us. Check out these options and update your status with beautiful love messages and quotes. They are ideal for making that special statement too, how about?

My weak point has name, address and a beautiful smile.

The most beautiful word I’ve ever said about love was your name.

Love is only beautiful when we find someone who turns us the best we can be.

True love survives any distance.

Euteamo, so without commas, no space and without final point.

Even infinity is small when it comes to what I feel for you.

I walked around looking for the universe and found it inside your eyes.

When it comes to what I feel for you, all the words in the world become insufficient.

Love saves you from the world.

If nothing saves us from death, at least that love saves us from life.

I understand you. And when I don’t understand you, I accept you. And above all things, I love you.

and even those who see me reading the newspaper in the bread line, you know I found you!

The love I kept, I kept it for you.

Love is the poetry of the senses. When it exists, it exists forever and increasingly increases …

Your smile has a poetry that makes my soul want to dance.

True love is born in difficult times.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it got much better when you arrived.

You stole my heart and I got stuck to you.

If it is to be happy, let it be with you.

Love is space and time made heart sensitive.

messages and quotes for WhatsApp Status Status

and lastly, some sad messages and quotes because everyone goes through bad times, isn’t it? If you want to go beyond your sadness in any way, show your contacts how you feel the sentences below.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

tears do not hurt, what hurts is the reason that makes them fall.

If I’m always smiling is to hide the deep sorrows of my heart.

tired of seeing people leaving me when I need it most.

I can’t deal with this sadness that insists on being part of my life.

no one is sad because they want to. Crying is not an option.

Only the pain owner knows how much it hurts.

everything will be fine, I know. And if you don’t stay, I pretend!

Sadness is slow death in daily doses of suffering.

It’s funny how everything goes but missing.

It’s sad to be happy alone.

One day this will all be just a distant memory.

nothing happened, I’m the problem.

The Sarah wound, but whoever wounded will never be the same.

When the pain no longer fits in the chest, it overflows with the eyes.

Wanting to avoid disappointment, I decided to lower my expectations.

I died inside and no one noticed.

I don’t know if I cry, if you are disappeared or pretend I’m fine.

Life is beautiful, but the world is sad.

No one cries because it is weak, but because it was strong for a long time.

Now you have a complete guide to update your status on WhatsApp. But if you still want more options, also check out status messages and quotes and play!

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