115 messages and quotes of longing that manifest this feeling

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longing is a word that lacks translation, because it goes far beyond missing someone. And when she squeezes, she seems more difficult to express such feeling, right? So when it arrives, be prepared to extract it with these longing messages and quotes that overflow a deep nostalgia!

I miss someone special

I miss people who don’t even imagine the size of the lack they make me …

Who invented the distance never suffered the pain of a longing.

longing: love and be far away.

Right people live in wrong places …

and it is only you who have the cure for my addiction, to insist on this longing that I feel of everything I haven’t seen yet.

The Missing Bug stung me and so I don’t forget you!

near or far, I’ll always be with you!

I remember you, and by chance, smile. Thanks for the longing that consumes me positively …

From the memories I bring in my life, you are the longing I like to have. Only then I feel you very close to me again.

My love for you supports all this longing …

I’m crazy to miss you, I can’t wait to have her in my arms!

Today, my heart woke up full of longing for you … How special are those who fill us with love!

I guide my longing in the good times we had. Each of them was worth it!

I’m missing you under my blanket …

When the feeling is true, longing persists.

By its side, every built memory is transformed into longing.

If you knew the longing I feel, it would always be around!

Longing messages and quotes of those who died

good memory is like that, a smile at first and a longing at the end.

No matter the distance that separates us, I feel that one day we will meet again. I miss you!

staying without you is walking without direction, show me the way, give me your hand, because I am alone in this darkness.

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now.

Pain fades; Missing is the love that remains.

Longing is the love that remains when you are no longer physically present …

It’s very longing for little me …

longing is like the flu: at night worsens a lot.

I miss those who left without even saying a goodbye …

longing is a feeling that is not measured, but has the potential to make you suffer.

You gone forever and left with me an overwhelming longing. How to move on?

This cry is the longing dripping through the eyes. Be well!

longing is the heart reminding us of what was good …

I thought about you; tear of longing vert.

Everything that goes, leaves the taste, leaves the photos …

May the feeling of loss be soon replaced by sweet longing …


destination unites and separates, but no force is large enough to make people forget people who for some reason one day made us happy.

If longing is not the most expressive word of the Portuguese language, I don’t know what it is …

distance means nothing when someone means everything.

I can spend many days without seeing you, many days without hugging you, but it will never make me stop loving you.

But when I think of someone, it is for you that I close my eyes.

Who I love is not always with me, but is always in my heart, present in my longing.

The Ministry of Health warns: Seeing you away from me makes me miss you!

If one day a light breeze comes to touch your lips, don’t be alarmed, because it’s my longing that kisses you.

Even away, I still love you. Love and Saudade dispute space in my heart.

I don’t know if I’m living or just waiting for you to come back … I miss you!

As long as I exist, my longing for you to remain …

If my wish could become real, you would be with me now … I miss you!

longing proves that our moments were worth it.

You are the translation of my longing.

People who miss who is special!

If there is a good longing, you are mine.

I keep in memory your affection and in my heart, the longing that he always leaves.

Longing messages and quotes of love

You, who could be so much, preferred to be longing …

It’s too hard to have to stay away from who you wanted to be close.

There are days when longing is greater than the need to forget.

It doesn’t matter if we are together or separated, the longing I feel will not change.

and we remember and it no longer hurts, but it misses it.

I am without you just unloving.

When you will appear here out of nowhere, without reasons and say that you just miss you, you need a hug from me?

Deep down, deep down, I have so much miss everything.

I miss your kiss, your hug, your smile, your voice, your smell … I miss you!

I hope you miss me as much as I miss yours …

longing is love wanting attention.

The price I paid for having known you is the longing that does not stop hurting me.

Heded a longing for your hug and what we were once …

longing won’t let me forget you …

I miss the time I kissed you without worrying about the time …

I silent because I wanted to talk to your ear and I can’t anymore … how much longing!

Your body is far from mine, but the longing in my chest has remained.

Short Homesick messages and quotes

longing is for those who know how to feel.

Having longing is better than walking alone.

Everything was fine, until I remembered that I miss you.

The longing that comes from the soul is eternal.

longing is the light that illuminates the walk.

I missed. Without you, I miss you!

longing is the proof that the past was worth it.

telling the seconds to kill this longing!

I miss what we haven’t lived yet …

longing always gives, but we disguise …

Today the longing burns in the chest.

You left and they missed you …

longing is a void full of you.

longing is an empty heart of love.

I miss something that never happened.

Eternal longing messages and quotes

longing is such a cliché … the more you try to avoid, the more it dwells on you.

Despite being away from my eyes, you will never be away from my thoughts. It will be forever a longing for me!

Know that wherever you are, I will be forever with longing.

I miss you every day, every hour, every minute, every second. And I will feel forever!

If I could order, I would like to have you here with me again … How many miss I feel!

The greatest happiness I could have now was to have you here by my side …

Sometimes, longing is a martyrdom.

The only problem of living good times is the longing that is not leaving anymore …

Time does not come back, just leaves an eternal longing.

I conserve good longing for the moments we live … May you be eternal in my heart!

I miss you to have you around! Ah, if I could go back in time …

saying goodbye was so difficult … What do I do with this longing that insists on staying forever?

I had no idea: the pain of longing can be the worst of all!

There is no time for this longing that took my chest!

longing consumes me when I think you will no longer return … And now, what do I do?

as eternal as my longing is my love. Forever in my heart!

Longing messages and quotes for status

distance teaches us to value the presence.

longing is one of the most urgent feelings that exist.

What is time but a way to give precision to longing?

The best longing is the one that kills!

small moments, huge longing.

Missing are pearls of feelings that time will not let in.

That all longing end in a smile!

longing is proof that in the past there was something good.

In such a cruel world, I miss innocence …

Sometimes, longing is the flame that supports relationships.

longing does not kill, but leaves many wounds …

In some cases, you need to feed the longing.

If I miss it, it’s because it was good.

Saudade is what is worthwhile that were worth it.

I miss when I was happy with little and I didn’t know that …

Be careful that your longing does not become sad.

longing for happiness … right, my daughter?

Homesick messages and quotes are like a warmth to the heart. This is because, in every little word, they convey the feelings of those who experience it. Nentão, when you miss you, take the opportunity to express themselves in the right measure! See also messages and quotes of longing for those who died and honor those who departed early. Nytty will surely find the perfect longing phrase to demonstrate how much they miss, but who remain in their memory.

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