100 Tumblr messages and quotes that are perfect for your social networks

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More than a simple social network, Tumblr has always been seen as an inspiring and very original lifestyle. Through its thousands of aesthetics, the platform translates exactly the energies its users want to convey on the internet. So check out the best tumblr messages and quotes and get inspired by your authentic content!

Love Tumblr messages and quotes

I wish all the happiness in the world, including the one you will only find with me.

Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh at your own mistakes, who accepts you the way you are.

When you will appear here out of nowhere, without reasons and say that I just missed it, you need a hug from me?

Beside those we love, even the simplest moments become magical.

Love is like this: when two want, one does not drop and the other does not give up.

It was your hug that took the fun of all the other hugs.

To draw and make my day better, your trace, your bond and that hug is missing.

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now.

I understand you. And when I don’t understand you, I accept you. And above all things, I love you!

I like her and she likes me, fate wanted to do so: Home, half, endless.

I fell with love for you when you loved me even when I didn’t love me.

Asked what I saw in you to make me love you so much, my only answer was: everything!

Love is not measured by so much times you say I love you, but the amount of times you prove it.

The joy of knowing that you exist is enough to endure the sadness of not being by your side.

Every piece of me shouts so I don’t let you go.

They say nothing is eternal … But what if we break the clock?

And may the joy of your smile make my eternal chest home.

You are the exact measure of everything I once dreamed for myself.

Come here, hug me, you don’t have to say anything …

For you, I tried to straighten things in my chest as someone who cleans the house to receive visits.

Tumblr messages and quotes for Photo

That those who do not want me well find peace, love and the joy of living. And so, full of happiness, find no more time or desire to want me evil.

Don’t mind what people are talking about on their backs. They are behind for a reason!

No time to remember who made me sad, I’m more worried about who makes me happy.

Be light on the way to those who cannot find the exit of darkness.

moments are moments. Enjoy them before only memories see.

Take a shower, open a wine, dance your favorite music. Enjoy your own company!

I can’t change what I was, but I can change what I will be.

Trust the power you have to transform your own story.

Time to take a deep breath and decide if it is really worth it.

insist on love, especially in itself.

A simple step further can change your whole life.

calm! Life is to be appreciated in its details.

Smile! Regardless of the fall, the hurt, the fall, or the sadness. Just smile! The world looks more beautiful when you smile.

See each day as a new chance.

After all, gratitude.

Always better than yesterday and preparing for a surprising tomorrow!

As hard as it may be, never stop believing on better days.

It is no use giving room for those who do not know how to take place.

Never give up on what you want most. After all, the dream is yours, the motivation too!

Live without time for regrets.

Short Tumblr messages and quotes

When it is to be, fate gives a way.

So much positivity that your wickedness here does not fit.

The most important beauty is one that cannot be seen.

You can’t imagine how many smiles I just thought of you.

provokes who knows, resists who can.

I like those who dream, but I love who does.

intensity is the key to youth.

Truth scares who is a lie.

Take care of those who take care of you, the rest is rest.

Closing for love is a pure waste of time.

Who said you can’t do it?

Love is the medicine that heals the pains he himself causes.

I don’t fit in society. So what?

Solitude became my mate.

Yes, I miss you. But life goes on …

Find yourself and nothing will be lost.

Who looks back, stumbles.

Be real in everything you do.

If you don’t try, you will never know if you are capable.

old paths do not open new doors.

Tumblr messages and quotes for Instagram

Silence is the only answer we should give to the fools. Because where ignorance speaks, intelligence does not give guesses.

It is by mistakes and falls that we become better people.

Some people appear in our lives as a blessing, others as a lesson.

I would like to believe in many things, but the problem is in my birth certificate, she insists on saying that I was not born yesterday.

The worst ambition of the human being is to want to reap the fruits of what never planted.

Three words that are difficult to say: unconstitutionally, cobblestone and excuse.

A person need not be a lifetime by his side to become unique and unforgettable.

All your answers are already right there, inside you. Just know how to see between your feelings.

No wound is so profound that time cannot find a way. But until then, you need to change the dressings yourself.

The secret of happiness is also to keep it secret.

What is to come is better than what is gone.

It is not about always getting it right, but about learning from your mistakes.

As usual, she thought it best to try. Giving up is not part of your vocabulary!

The world spins and always put everything in place!

It is liberating when we trust our choices.

It is in the little things that we find the perfect definition of happiness.

Beautiful is to be real.

Wanting to be someone else is waste of time.

Forget the borders, love has never been a country.

Never underestimate a dreamer.

Tumblr messages and quotes alone

You are good enough, you just need to believe that.

Release from the anchors that bind you and cling to the balloons that allow you to fly high.

What you have different is what you have the most beautiful.

My age does not define my maturity, my notes do not define my intelligence and the gossip they make me do not define who I am.

In the absence of love someone, I loved myself and felt loved, and it was love for me everywhere!

most important than loving someone, is to enjoy your own company.

I miss people who don’t even imagine the size of lack of make me.

Who sees me smiling, do not imagine the pains I already exceeded.

repeats me: I am the love of my life!

Don’t follow me, because I’m lost too.

Against envy I’m vaccinated!

Forget who you were, focus on who you are now.

Watch out for what you want for me! Who protects me, does not sleep.

Follow your plans, because hers are no longer …

I don’t simply accept what I have, I run after what I deserve.

dared to be yourself! After all, everyone else already exists.

Travel, even in mayonnaise!

For the sake of my mental health, I sometimes do my crazy.

I am the love of my life.

She is a smile and transparent soul.

May these amazing Tumblr messages and quotes be able to translate not only their essence, but also how you want to be seen by the world! and many reblogs. NCante your timeline with inspiring messages, taking advantage of the aesthetics that only this microblog has to offer!

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