100 short motivational messages and quotes to lift your mood

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Without mood and faith, days lose grace and challenges seem greater than they really are. But with the right dose of optimism, things can be better. So, check out inspiring short motivational messages and quotes that will return your courage and animation. Share on your status or as a photo caption on social networks!

Best Short Motivational messages and quotes

Look up, which is your strength from there!

Now is the time to surprise those who doubted you.

Value the small achievements!

Thinking about giving up? Firm the reasons that made you start.

As hard as something may seem, never give up before trying.

You will never be too old to dream a new dream.

If you can’t do everything, do everything you can.

No matter what you have decided, what matters is that it makes you happy.

The influence of good people no one can erase.

Adversity is not synonymous with defeat. Overcoming obstacles takes us forward!

It’s not easy, but with the right dose of motivation, we get it!

Avante! For starters, you just need to take the first step.

For certain things, it is not enough to want, we need to battle.

Abandon your pain and not hope on better days.

Always fight, overcome sometimes, never give up.

Even if not every day is good, there is something good every day.

The greatest proof that you can do the impossible is to overcome difficult circumstances.

Tumblr short motivational messages and quotes

May the good days become routine and the bad become rare.

Each outdated difficulty makes you stronger.

Be at peace with you, living your truth.

Your most important plan is yourself.

Your fears will starve if you feed your motivation.

To be happy again, only self -love is necessary.

Modifying is part of the journey of life.

For those who are lit, the days of light always return.

Open to courage and go after your dreams.

Even if the journey is slow, giving up does not accelerate.

Life returns who thinks positive.

Trying is the only way to know if it will work.

You can, if you believe you can.

Learn to ignore things to be happy!

Do not pink if you do not have bravery to bite.

You only know the strength you have.

It is essential for our evolution to recognize who we are.

Short messages and quotes of Motivation and Faith

Do not limit your dreams, put faith.

Do not allow your despair to speak louder than the voice of God.

Follow your goal, because thought creates, desire attracts and faith realizes!

In the hands of the Lord, all dreams are achievable. Believe it!

Let us be those who promote peace.

Suddenly, everything fits. This is not luck, it is faith!

Things take, but happen. The important thing is to wait without losing faith.

For those who have faith, nothing is impossible: the higher the mountain, the greater the merit of climbing.

As long as there is faith, strength will never be lacking.

Faith in God is the motivation you need to move on.

Do more than just believe, have faith in all things.

Faith! When things are bad, it is a sign that the good is around.

Trust God and get the good fruits he has reserved for you.

The Lord is close to the demotivates and saves those who lost hope.

May my courage be as imposing as my faith.

Your faith is a force that no one can take from you.

God calls the process what you say is delay.

Short motivational messages and quotes

Know that there is nothing more beautiful than helping someone to learn.

You can have results or excuses, but not both.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily.

It is not enough simply to satisfy customers, you need to enchant them.

If you want to be successful, you need to have full dedication.

You need to believe yourself, your potential and your skills.

He who does not fight for the future he wants must accept the future that comes.

Do not focus on being busy, focus on being productive.

Success is nothing more than the result of a work done with seriousness, will and motivation.

The true art of selling begins when the customer says no.

Seeing customer needs is already halfway through.

The secret of selling is focused on the customer and hard work.

approach with the intention of solving a problem, not being one more.

The client you make you feel special will also become special.

Be a professional who dominates your business! Get to know the products and services it offers.

Selling is building a bridge between you and your customer.

Never ask customers what they want, tell them what they need.

Short and intelligent motivational messages and quotes

To be a teacher is to be a driver of souls and dreams. It’s cut diamonds!

Motivation is what makes you start. Habit is what makes you continue.

Have you ever thought that you have overcome many difficulties so far?

Do not always do the same if you are looking for different results.

In a world full of adversity, those who do not give up always come out as a winner.

It is necessary to give up the self -indulgence from time to time.

You will never do anything if you are waiting for the perfect situations.

There is only one person you should try to be better: the person you were yesterday.

Do what most do not do if you want to get where most do not arrive.

You will only win tomorrow if you don’t give up today.

New concepts do not circulate in square minds.

The difference between bad and good days is that one teaches and the other brand.

There is no success within the comfort zone.

What you don’t try is the only impossible thing.

The way to fulfill our dreams is smaller with each overcoming.

Your competition is with yourself.

Short motivational messages and quotes for photos

No matter the color of the sky, the beautiful day is you.

Go with confidence in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.

That expectation for better days never lacks us.

The best place in the world is here and now.

Learn to laugh at your stumbles!

Fight for your happiness listening to what your heart says.

For every game over there is an again play.

May better days come!

Persist! If everything were easy, anyone could.

Allow yourself to start and start as many times as necessary.

believe, transform and risk.

God will make your desert, a garden.

Be and do the best you can.

It is never a waste of time if you managed to learn something.

We won greatly, being precisely who we are.

Seeing the good side of things is a choice.

that these inspiring short motivational messages and quotes are good enough to bring courage and many energies to their days. NE when the paths seem difficult, see these motivational messages and quotes of success that help in achieving their goals! Sometimes it can be hard, but with the right messages you will surely find the encouragement you need to move on.

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