100 romantic messages and quotes that manifest the powerful essence of passion

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Being in love is like living packed by a sweet song. When the romance is in the air, the world gets more colorful, life becomes more beautiful and the days awaken new charms. And in this sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions, there is nothing more poetic than expressing your feelings. So, share with your love with these fascinating romantic messages and quotes full of tenderness!

Romantic messages and quotes to declare their feelings and conquer the heart of the loved one

As an excellent storyteller, love resignifies life. You have improved everything since it arrived here …

I always wanted someone to share the future with me. Someone who was by my side when I found my first white hair and stayed until they all lose the color … and then I found you!

Like a headlight, your gaze illuminated my way. With her next door, I knew exactly where to go.

One day we are at some altar! I promise to make you happy daily and you claim that you will always love me.

To love is crazy, I want to be crazy with you forever!

I want to be present to watch every smile of yours and watch your mischievous look as your voice echoes like a song in my ears.

Although they offered me all the treasure of the world, I would not leave you, because the most precious jewel in the universe I already have: your love!

me + you = love + happiness. We are the perfect equation, full of multiplications of affection.

You are the love storm that flooded my heart after the drought.

Your hug reloads my energies and the beats of your heart bring me peace. Living without you, it is impossible for me!

rational or irrational, no matter what love is as long as it continues between us.

I want to delight in the gulf of your love and make a home in the quiet waters of your heart.

You are the fresh air breeze that refreshes me on hot days, it is the rain that irrigates my garden, the muse of my dreams, owner of my heart.

Your smile is the sun that illuminates my existence! Without you, I can’t shine.

Not even the longest distance will be able to end our love, because what was built on a solid base does not collapse.

You are a masterpiece of existence, more beautiful than the muss of the most famous paintings, and could not be different, because the artist who did you never failed!

I found the meaning of life inside your eyes and now I can’t live without you anymore.

I don’t accept less than eternity by your side!

If you knew that the curve of your body I love most is your smile …

Loving you makes me feel safe and quiet, and being by your side transforms me. You are my biggest reason for joy, even on cloudy days.

I got lost in the shine of your gaze and found myself in the heat of your heart.

We do not choose who or when to love. Love, as one of the best authors of life, is the one who chooses its protagonists!

knew my destiny was tied to yours since your eyes crossed with mine.

Love is the only thing that when adds, positively subtracts and makes two souls become one.

Our love is eternalized in every desire and gesture, and flows through life as the crystal clear water of a quiet river.

You are sun on cloudy days, it is joy in difficult times … It is for you that daily I seek to be my best version and it is with you that I want to be until the end of times!

My love, I want to build my life by your side and discover the wonders of the world with you. You make my days better!

I want to tattoo your smile on my soul to never forget that my joy is you.

If you were a melody, I would live to hear you. If you were a perfume, I would live to inhale your essence, but as you are love, I propose to exist just to love you.

I may be hostage to your love, but I never felt as free and safe as when I’m by your side.

A life is too short to love you, I need many infinite with you!

They say fairy tales do not exist, but they only say that because they do not yet know our love story!

We are complete opposite and as such, we need to find the middle ground, because living in extremes, my love, is not good for anyone.

So I, who always found myself self -sufficient, found out in you what was missing.

Our whole universe lies in the eyes of those we love.

Life by your side is like living a good dream.

As a brave hero, you have come by taking me in your arms and making me see that love is the perfect antidote to any insecurity.

I want to follow your steps to the ends of time, because the journey without you has no sense.

Without you I’m alone, but I just don’t want to be. Please accept to live with me from here until you dispel my living!

Your way won me at first and when you smiled at me, I immediately knew what love was.

I want to go beyond love with you, unite my soul with yours, become dust of the moon and travel to eternity!

Your eyes reflect my paradise!

You are my safe haven, my support when weakness tries to knock me down. I want to live by your side forever!

Love has no predestinated rules, fittings or combinations. It appears when least expected, in the most unlikely place, in everyday life. Love has no limits, it just happens!

Our love still has many stories to yield.

You are light, my love, it’s joy, peace and hope … Living by your side is much more than a dream!

Your lips allow me to enjoy the sweetness of love.

While the numbers are infinite, while there are stars scattered throughout the sky and grains of sand across the earth, I will love you.

I didn’t know it was possible to love someone that much, but every time our looks meet, I love you more!

As in a fairy tale, when your lips touched mine, I was sure I found the love of my life.

You make my laughter easy, allow me to be who I am without caveats or criticism. Your love heals me from the evils of life and makes me understand why it had never worked before.

When I asked for a love for God, I never imagined that he would be so generous with me to give me one of his angels!

I found shelter in your arms and peace in the beats of your heart.

When I discovered that I could walk through life by his side, I gave up all the way in solitude. You are my north!

The smile of a lover reflects the extraordinary beauty of a heart that found its pair.

You are the first and last thought of my day, it is part of my dreams and memories. Perhaps these are the side effects of true love.

just looked deep in your eyes to understand that the love I always searched for was in you!

Pass the time you pass, my heart will always accelerate when my eyes find yours.

Your gaze is the kryptonite that weakens my body, but that strengthens my love for you!

The magic of love is at the encounter of two hearts willing to donate for each other until they become just one.

You dominate my thoughts since I wake up, until you fall asleep. If this is not love, I don’t know what it can be.

Your love is what moves me and makes me move on. You are my strength and living by your side is a gift!

I want to share life by your side, tear you smiles and tight hugs. I want to be better for you and you, every day of my life.

Butterflies in my stomach saw birds when my body finds yours.

For love, I made you my sun and follow the days around your shine, observing every detail of your extraordinary beauty.

In the tango of life, you are my perfect pair that guides me with love steps.

My heart was lost and sad before you arrived, but your love restored my existence and its essence returned to me peace.

Say I love you seems very little close to what I feel for you, which is the love of my life!

I want to grow old beside you, share my days with you. Promises that it will never leave me, that I promise to be your shelter forever.

Let me make home in your beautiful smile!

With each new dawn, I fall in love with you more. Your love brought light to my life.

For me, the only wonder in the world is your smile. The rest is not even close to that!

I spent a lot of time trying to understand the complications of love, until you arrived and made me realize that loving is simple and genuine.

I want to wake up by your side every morning and hug you tight until your smell is in me. I can’t live a minute away from you anymore!

I didn’t choose you as the great love of my life, but you are … and if I had the option to choose, it would still be you!

If eternity really does not exist, I will find a way to invent it just to keep loving you!

I promise to do the possible and impossible to make you as happy as you do me.

A soul that found its other half radiates life and joy. Love is transforming every way!

Waking up every day and seeing you smile at me is my daily gift.

Your look is an ocean of love I want to dive.

Your name is music for my ears and you are the most perfect rhyme that could exist.

You are my light on dark days, the right pace for the beats of my heart.

You are the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had, it is the reality that came to transform my days, my life and my heart.

There is a certain mystery in her eyes that I can’t decipher, but it makes me even more in love every time I see them.

God wrote our story, we are belonging to each other and nothing can change our script!

Your love gives me security and peace, so I made your heart my home!

While my heart beats, I will love you.

You make everything around me brighter and brighter, just as dew drops do with the field flowers.

My day blooms every time I see your smile.

Our destinations were not just traced in motherhood because our love comes from other lives!

My only certainty in life is that I love you and nothing or anyone can change it.

You smell love!

The consequence of loving you is living daily the best life has to offer.

I don’t tell you that I would drop everything for you, for mine is you and I am unable to stop loving you.

It is extraordinary to make a heart your home.

Love has shaped us to the exact extent. We were made to each other and did not fit anyone else.

The goal of my life is simple: making you happy every day, for all eternity.

I let me be taken by your love, for living by your side is genuine, and there is nothing better than doing home in your heart.

My solo melody was good, but it became extraordinary when you appeared to accompany it.

You are perfect with all your particularities and imperfections. I love you exactly for who you are!

May these romantic messages and quotes arouse your best and help manifest all the love you feel for the person who has conquered your heart!

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