100 Mother’s Day messages and quotes 2023 for the most important woman of her life

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Mother, the best friend for all the moments! With her, you can always tell for confidences, caresses or ear tugs, because believe me: she wants the best for your children! Whether it’s text or short messages and quotes, declare your love to those who cheer for you the most! Check out the most beautiful Mother’s Day messages and quotes and honor yours for all complicity and dedicated love.

Mother’s Day messages and quotes to honor her queen in an exciting way

For the most important woman of my life, who allowed me to be here today, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. There is no one that makes me happy than making you smile. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, every day I thank you for the life you gave me, but today I want to thank you for the example you are! With all the gratitude and love I learned from you, I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day!

God chose the best person in the world to be my mother! Thanks for everything, my queen. I miss you every day. I can’t wait to run to your arms. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, when I need a friendly shoulder, I know I can count on you! You are the best friend I could have. I will never be able to thank you enough. Happy Mother’s Day!

I believe in love at first sight because I love my mother since I opened my eyes. Glad you exist, mother! Happy Mother’s Day, Queen!

You know my dreams, you hear my hopes, you feel my problems. You’re unique, Mom, and don’t change you for anything in this world! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, it was in the face of the difficulties I met the greatest warrior in this world. Your strength is inspiring! Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother, you don’t bow to the difficulties, but you win them! Your love enchants me, your strength is proud and I am really privileged to have it in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!

I would move worlds to have you with me again. I will love you for eternity! It is your love that makes me strong and believing in life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, thanks for teaching me to be this person I am today. If I’m happy like this, it is because you made the impossible so that I never miss anything! Happy Mother’s Day.

“The most beautiful masterpiece of God’s heart is the heart of a mother,” especially if it’s mine! Happy Mother’s Day for the woman who has the heart the size of the world!

Mother, you don’t know how much I love you, because I don’t always speak. Today I want to tell you that my heart rests, warms up when I get home and find you by my side! My world is nothing if you are not present. Congratulations on your day!

Mother, every day is your day! If I could, I would give you a truck of flowers of all colors, the whole sky and the sea, because I love to love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers are direct gifts from heaven so that we could know the true love of God. Thank you for being my example of faith and the father’s lap to me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you, Mom, for bringing me to the world, teaching me everything that is important for living in it and, above all, for being part of my story. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother of belly or mother of life, mother ever or chosen… The types change, but love is the same. Happy Mother’s Day, my queen!

My mother is a queen: made our home a kingdom of love and your heart our greatest treasure. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, you are the star of my life that shines in my darkest days and makes my heart warm in the cold. You are the purity of love. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, Mother’s Day is only once a year, but I love you every day. If there is anyone who deserves all the honors today, this is you!

To be a mother is to find that the greatest joy of life is to share all your love. Thanks to him, I know I have a safe haven where I can always go back. Congratulations on your day! Happy Mother’s Day!

Your arms always open when I need a hug. Your heart knows how to understand when I need a friend. Your sensitive eyes hardens when I need a lesson. His strength and love drove me for life and gave me the wings he needed to fly. Happy Mother’s Day!

Luck I have in this life for having a mother like you … it’s not written! Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother, I can try to do everything to repay what you did for me, but I know I will never get close to it. So I wanted to record the immense and unconditional love I feel for you. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother: The most beautiful love exists! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, who make this feeling the most beautiful of all.

Time passes, life passes, only mother’s love remains and persists overcoming the challenges never to let anything miss. Happy Mother’s Day!

Your love, mother, is the fuel that allows me to go after the impossible. My hope begins in your gaze. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, my love, my queen, my life, my everything! Congratulations on your day. Making you smile is my greatest satisfaction! Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother, I may not show it right, but know that I love you more than my own life! Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s love can be translated into a word: donation! To talk about this feeling is to understand that it is the most complete form of love. Happy Mother’s Day!

Women are already wonderful. Now women and mothers are sensational. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, synonym for the verb to love: I love you, we love you … today and always! Happy day to you.

Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day. After all, they were their yes that allowed all our days experienced. You deserve all the love, mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, life presents us with wonderful people like you, who teach for knowledge, example and unconditional love. Congratulations! Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother deserves everything better on the planet. After all, if I’m here, it’s thanks to you, Mom. Your life makes everything worth it to me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, of all the lives I could have, would give you all of them! Your love is my greatest strength. Happy Mother’s Day!

To be a mother is to carry the future in the form of people within you. Congratulations on your day, let it be very special! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, your love and your advice can get from me all the doubts I have about life. Happy Mother’s Day, thanks for everything!

The most exceptional and fantastic woman I was lucky enough to know is, in fact, my mother! Happy Mother’s Day, reason for my existence.

I want to take your legacy for the rest of my life. All I have achieved is to see you smile. Happy Mother’s Day!

Every day I celebrate the privilege of having the best mother in the world, but today even more. Happy Mother’s Day!

Do you have a better medicine than a mother’s affection? Happy Mother’s Day for the best healing of all!

Mother smile and lap are more delicious than chocolate ice cream. They are eternal in memory. Happy Mother’s Day with all my love!

No language can express the beauty and strength of a mother. Happy Mother’s Day for you, which makes my life more special!

Love has a name, a short name, three letters and full of affection. That name is: Mother! Congratulations on your day.

Love is a special feeling, but that of mother is incomparable, able to give you to make the child smile. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks to your strength, your love and example, today I am the one I became. I love you, best mother in the world … You are the universe for me! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s love is the purest and most important contact with the true affection of God. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, you always took care of me, always prayed for me, always said yes, with all your affection and all your love. You are my world! Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day for all amazing women who are in our daily lives, who give life to everything they do.

May every dawn be an invitation to dream, an appeal to live, and an opportunity to love. Happy Mother’s Day!

All the love that exists in me came from your teachings. I can’t imagine myself without you around. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, principle of everything and synonymous with love! Congratulations on your day. Happy Mother’s Day!

The personification of the fantastic word, for me, is my mother! Congratulations on your day.

Mother, congratulate you, in fact, should happen every day! You are more than special, you are the only one who knows me like no one else, the reason for everything! Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother, your dedication has always made me feel special. You own a love that I can’t measure! Thank you for everything you do for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day for the one who knows every hair of mine! Prioritizing me has always been your forte, but today I would like to repay all this affection granted. I love you!

When I need protection, I know I can count on your lap. When I need love, I don’t even need to look, because I have in you my safe haven. Happy Mother’s Day!

We sometimes fight and fell out, but we know that we can always count on each other. This is a love above all things. Happy Mother’s Day!

The sacrifices you made for me are precious gifts that will last for the rest of my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Mother!

“Mother is the one you run when you are in trouble.” The first person who comes to mind to share sorrows and joys could not be someone else other than you, mother, reason for everything I have today. Happy Mother’s Day!

No one can love me like you, mother. It is the certainty of your presence that makes me live and even fight for what is worth dying. Happy Mother’s Day for the woman who most honors this title, you, my mother!

Want to know who loves you? Think of the person who suffered the most for you and will find that there is no one like a mother. There is no one like you, Mom. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

I cry out for angels in prayer and remembered that you exist in my life, mother. Happy Mother’s Day to whom you always bring me closer to God!

Happy Mother’s Day for the woman I love the most in this life! “Everything I am, or I intend to be, I owe an angel: my mother.”

Only those who are a mother know what it is to love unconditionally! Nothing compares to listen to the baby’s heart, dreaming of his first steps and imagining what he will be when he grows up. So I wish you a happy Mother’s Day for all who know what really is to love!

A mother is able to give everything without receiving anything; to love with all your heart without expecting anything in return; To invest everything in a project without measuring the profitability that will bring you back. One mother continues to have confidence in her children when the others have already lost her. Happy Mother’s Day!

love to the little one until it grows; to the sick to heal; To the absent until you come back … Only a mother can love like this! Happy Mother’s Day.

A flower is beautiful, a landscape can be beautiful, but the image of a mother transcends everything that the eyes understand for beauty. Happy Mother’s Day!

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will know.” If it wasn’t for you, mother, I wouldn’t know that love exists. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, you are the only person in the world who is always present unconditionally. If I reject you, forgive me. If I am wrong, it welcomes me. If my friends don’t welcome me, you open a door. If I’m happy, celebrate with me. If I’m sad, I don’t smile until I make me laugh. Thanks for being my best friend! Happy Mother’s Day.

A strong love than anything, more obstinate than anything, more lasting than all, is only the love of mother. You are everything to me, reason for my existence! Happy Mother’s Day.

“I don’t need to do anything to be loved – mother’s love is unconditional. All I have to do is be … To be your son.” Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mother! There are three letters only

those of this blessed name:

Three letters, nothing more …

and in them is infinite.

and word so small

– They really confess the atheists –

It’s the size of the sky!

and only smaller than God. “

One day is little to thank you for who you are and makes me be. The joy of being your child can only be compared to the grace of knowing that love exists. Thank you for not making efforts to make you sensitive. Happy Mother’s Day!

The word mother is not a noun, but a verb! Mother is to take care, fight, cry, play, smile, help, change, worry, get annoyed … Mother is knowing how to love! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! It is the comfort in my life, rest to my heart. It is in every act, word or silence. In a complete world of uncertainties, it is your love that makes me persevere. Happy I am that day for being able to call you “mother”!

What is a home without a mother? Your love was the firm rock for my first steps, the clarity for my doubts, the structure for my projects, the fortress to achieve my dreams. Without you, my life would be just an eternal “could be.” Thank you for being much more than a mother, but the beginning of everything I am today. Happy Mother’s Day “.

“My life began waking up and loving my mother’s face: she was so close to me, and her arms were around me, and she sang to me. A hymn she sang so many times, so many times: and then She taught me to sing “and live. Thank you, mom, for everything! Happy Mother’s Day!

“I cannot imagine heroism greater than motherhood.” To my heroine for all hours, I wish you the best and happiest Mother’s Day!

“The heart of a mother is an abyss in the background of which forgiveness is always found.” If it wasn’t for your love, mother, I wouldn’t know what a chance to start over. Happy Mother’s Day!

Knowing that there is nothing that you would not do for me brings me security to my more hesitant steps and decisions. Thank you for believing in me even when I suspect my ability myself. My strength is you!

I found out with you, mother: who loves, anticipates. You were my model long before I knew what that word meant, it was my floor before I learned to walk, my heat before I felt cold, the sweetness before I knew what bitterness was in this life. For these and others that I wish you a happy Mother’s Day wanting to say I love you!

“What do you want, woman? Independence, equality of conditions. jobs outside the home? You are superior to those you seek to imitate. You have the divine gift of being a mother. Humanity is present.” Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mother’s love is happiness, it is peace, need not be acquired, need not be deserved. It cannot be acquired, produced, controlled. If you are there, it is like a blessing.” Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who is a gift from God to me!

“The most beautiful word on human lips is the word” mother “, and the most beautiful call is the so -called” my mother … “the mother is all – she is our comfort in sadness, our hope in misery and our strength in weakness. ” Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mother has no limit, timeless time, light that does not turn off when the wind and rain blows, velvet hidden on wrinkled skin, pure water, fresh air, pure thought.” My purest love! Happy Mother’s Day.

For the world, there is wrinkles on your face. For me, there are the lines that tell the story of those who did everything for love and to love me. Happy Mother’s Day, my pride!

Happy Mother’s Day, my queen … but a date is not enough to celebrate you. It is in the aroma of past coffee, in the taste of warm bread accompanied by butter, in the way I have the past clothes, in the repeated sentences of everyday life … Your presence in these details, mother, make my life happier.

Mother, the one that remains when everyone leaves us. Of love so unconditional that it makes me feel on God’s lap, a peace that is not on this planet. I could not fail to wish you more than the world is able to offer, but the best thing: Happy Mother’s Day itself for my most beautiful angel!

“Dying happens to what is brief and passes without a trace. Mother, in her grace, is eternity. Why does God remember – deep mystery of taking her one day? : Mother never dies, mother will always be with her son. ” For the one who is always with me and lives in me, Happy Mother’s Day! Happy I’m me for having you as a mother!

You looked at me in those children’s eyes and saw the future. It’s your love that makes me want to continue! Happy Mother’s Day!

“No child could ever thrive: a mother is still a mother, the most sacred thing alive.” Without you, life would never have smiled at me, it would not even have come here. Thanks for everything, mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

Countless atoms in space, trillions of stars and constellations, 7 billion people, millions of species, thousands of cells … But there is only one person I can call a mother. Thank you for being the rarest and most valuable person in this world for me! Happy Mother’s Day!

“If I drown in the deepest sea,

my mother, O my mother!

I know who tears would come to me,

my mother, O my mother! “

I wish to honor with my life all the sacrifices you have ever made for me, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day for the best of them!

At birth, everyone receives an angel to accompany them in life. Your name? Mother. Happy Mother’s Day to the most kindness God gave me as a gift.

Happy Mother’s Day! Also, being a mother is carrying her son nine months in her belly, three years in her lap and her whole life in her heart.

To the woman who, with her dedication and kindness, inspires me daily to win my best version: Happy Mother’s Day! Know that you are and always will be my greatest example of unconditional love.

No matter the age, where more rest is on your lap. There is not even a day that I do not remember what has taught me, and then I thank God for giving me the best gift of life, you. Happy Mother’s Day!

There is no one that warms my heart more than the word “mother.” In it, my home resides. In your arms, there is a piece of paradise that God has given me. I wish you the best, what does not pass, the sky itself, mother. I love you beyond time. Happy Mother’s Day!

When someone asks me where I came from, the answer should be my mother, my sacred soil, my greatest reason, my pride. This day is all yours and my heart too. Happy Mother’s Day!

courage, strength, a lot of claw and determination: these are the ingredients that make you, mother, a superhero! Happy Mother’s Day, congratulations on all dedication.

One day I will find out how you understand what is happening to me even before I speak… but the greatest mystery of all is: How does it fit so much love in one person? You are my greatest inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day!

Every successful person has origin. Mine starts with you, my mother. Everything I have achieved goes through your decision to welcome me as a son. They are our love ties that make me win. Happy Mother’s Day!

In the rush of everyday life, sometimes it is no longer directing affectionate words to the one who gave his life and ensured that nothing were missing. Everyone in this world owes the existence to these fiber women who embraced the sacred and challenging mission of being a mother. Owner of unconditional love, your queen deserves all your attention and gestures of affection. For more honors, check out inspired Happy Mother’s Day messages and quotes and express your admiration for this amazing woman.

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