100 messages and quotes of true, indispensable and irreplaceable friendship

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Having friends is a privilege! After all, in them you find support and partnership for every moment. So it is important to celebrate this bond and thank those who are always by your side with some cute messages and quotes. For this, check out the best friendship messages and quotes and share with those who are very special on your journey!

Wise Friendship messages and quotes

Friends are angels who leave us standing when our wings forget how to fly.

A friendship is also able to mark life as deeply as love.

There are friends, there are family and then there are friends who become family!

Real friend is one who looks at his broken fence and admires the flowers of his garden.

Life is nothing without friendship.

True friendship arises when silence between two people is comfortable.

Friendship is the golden thread that unites the heart of the whole world.

friend is the one who brings out the best in you.

Friendship is priceless, but it has values!

Without friends, even the most pleasant activities become tedious.

A friend you have a lot in common is better than three you fight to find things to talk to.

True friendship has its ups and downs, but never has an end.

If you have two friends in life, you are lucky. If you have a good friend, you have more than luck.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling two bodies.

Some friendships come and make such a beautiful impact on your life that you can barely remember what life was like without them.

True friends never let us do stupid things … alone!

As rare as true love is, true friendship is rarer.

Friendship messages and quotes for WhatsApp

These are not the beautiful things that mark our lives, but the friendships that have the gift of never being forgotten!

good friendship is the one that scolds you, takes your foot and knows how to be honest. Good friendship is the one that pulls you to reality!

Friendship: Word that designates various feelings and cannot be exchanged for mere material things. It must be kept and kept in the heart!

Friendship is not purchased or required. It is like a gift that only deserving can enjoy!

Do not allow life to spend without your friendships to know the meaning they really have for you.

Friendship is like health: we never realize its true value until we lose it.

Who has a sincere friendship is never alone: ​​true friends are always loyal, no matter the circumstance.

A good friend knows his best stories. The best friend lived them all with you!

A true friendship is able to touch your heart even while on the other side of the world.

friends fight, get upset and even move away. But not even that is enough to destroy this complicity!

Friends turn bad times into great stories about love and companionship.

Life becomes a better journey when we find true friendships.

Best friends are those who make their problems their problem, just so you don’t have to carry them alone.

Friendship is similar to a good coffee: once cold, it does not warm without losing much of the first flavor.

friend is the one who comforts you without saying a word, because your hug, your gaze and your presence already say everything.

A life without friends is like a huge and uncomfortable empty.

Authentic friendship is one who knows everything about you and yet, remains firm.

Friendship messages and quotes for Status

friendship and understanding are enough to live forever happy.

Friend is something to keep under seven keys inside the heart.

Friendship is like a truck without brake on the descent: pass over everything!

No gesture of friendship, as insignificant, is wasted.

The pleasure of banquets is not in the dishes, but in the friends who accompany us to the table.

Time will pass, the years will confirm the three words I uttered: friend I’m here!

Friendship is like the shadow in the afternoon – it grows even with the chance of life.

To be a friend is to interpret glances, understand silences.

My friends are the light that guides me. They may not know, but I owe them every day!

Knowing that I can trust you is what makes our relationship a true friendship.

No path is long when a friend accompanies us.

Friends are for a lifetime, even though they are not with us their whole life…

The Ministry of Health warns: having a true friendship does a damn good to the heart.

A true friend is a friend for eternity.

Friendship improves our happiness, doubling our joys and diminishing our sorrows.

friend is the one who remains, even after the movie is over and the drunkenness ceases.

You may not have a sense, but your friendship and understanding save me on my worst days.

Short Friendship messages and quotes

amazing friends make common, extraordinary places.

Crisis do not move friends away, just select.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

The Secret of Good Life: Cultivate your friendships!

Friends: Before few what false!

Friendship is not purchased, you find it.

There is no greater blessing than a good old friendship.

For each virtue, one man is enough. For friendship, they need two.

See each friendship as a gift.

Nothing makes the earth look as spacious as having friends at a distance!

Starting a friendship: What, you too? I thought it was the only one …

There is nothing I would not do for my friends.

Making a friend is a gift! Having a friendship is a grace.

Friend is always there when you need it (and when you don’t need it too!)

I survive with a little help from my friends.

Things are never so frightening when you have a friend.

In joys or sorrows, friends forever!

True Friendship messages and quotes

A true friendship resists changes, time and distance. Nothing is able to erase!

True friends are with you in the hardest time.

A friend who understands his tears is much more valuable than the one who only knows his smiles.

The support of a true friendship is like a light at the end of the tunnel: fills us with comfort and hope!

A true friend is someone who believes in you even if you stop believing in yourself.

Real friend is the one who says what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Who discovers true friendship, also finds a treasure.

Value good friends, because true friendship is a difficult gift to find.

says a Chinese legend that true friendships are like deep root trees: no storms can tear.

No problem is too big for a true friendship.

Who has a true friendship, has a memory full of good times!

A friendship does not have to be perfect, it has to be true.

There is friendship that, without great efforts, celebrates in the heart of us.

It is with true friends that moments become magical and unforgettable.

True friendship is having to tell you when your heart tightens.

When it comes to friendship, it is more worth quality than quantity.

The friend, when true, seeks you even when you don’t need you.

False Friendship messages and quotes

Friendship is like a fruit tree: in the right time, the rotten always fall.

Friendship is the same screw: We only know if it’s good at the tightening time!

Has friend who likes your usefulness, not you.

A false friend is the worst of friendships. I stuck you when you least expect it.

May God protect me from my friends. Of the enemies, I take care!

I have more respect for someone who introduces himself and says he doesn’t like me than for those who act as if they liked it.

Not everyone is your friend. Be careful who you trust your friendship!

If being false is the last trend, you seem to be in style!

Do not fear the enemy that attacks you, but the false friend who hugs you.

A false friendship is not sustained. Loses its foundations in itself.

A friend like you are not anywhere: you have to look at the worst!

Friendship ends when you realize that the friend was just you.

If on my back you are not the same as in front of me, the problem is solely and exclusively yours.

It is in the difficult times that we really see with who we can’t count on.

Not everyone you consider has the same consideration for you, learn it.

Friendship messages and quotes are true statements for dear friends! And how good it is to have them around, isn’t it? They certainly complement their existence.

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and finally see how friendship messages and quotes have the potential to strengthen ties based on the best moments you have gone together.

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