100 messages and quotes of jokes to die of laugh that will guarantee the joy

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There is no doubt about how funny and intelligent messages and quotes turn a monotonous and bland day. With great humor and insight, puns and messages full of humor are able to get smiles and laughs anywhere and moment. Then check out these comic joke messages and quotes to die of laughing and have fun with your friends!

Joke messages and quotes to die from laughing full of hilarious puns

Why did the float need a psychologist? To work your difficulty deepening things.

What did the water say to the oil? I don’t mix with this gental!

What is the most problematic book of the library? Mathematics, because he has many questions to solve.

What did the cat say to scold Dona Chica? Stop this myia -ade!

What was the chicken lawyer to do at the police station? Went to let go of the scam.

Why did the refrigerator fought with the freezer? Because he was giving her an ice.

If your career is in ruins, become archaeologist.

Dona Plant was sick, what did she have? A DERRANGE!

What is the most gossiping fruit? The gossip.

Why did the cow go to space? To meet the vacuum.

Why do birds sing? Because they don’t know the words!

Leaving the nutritionist, what did the Marombeiro do in pizzeria? Cut carbohydrates from the diet.

Why is bread dough? Because she likes to be drifted.

Why does fish never strike? For nothing.

What is the favorite candy of the atom? Foot-Miles.

What did the candle say to the Darker? Only you can light my flame.

What did the glue say to the college student? Let’s paste a degree?

In the chicken coop, there was a gringa chicken, which country did it come from? Angola.

What city can not miss acai in? Açailândia.

Why was the cookbook arrested? Because he stole the scene in the kitchen.

The stack was angry, what did they say to her? Calm down, don’t get so pilfe!

What did one wall say to the other? I find you around the corner.

What the inside of the house spoke outside? I feel there is a barrier between us.

The broom fought with the squeegee, what did she say? You pass cloth to everything!

What did coffee say to sugar? Without you, my life would be bitter.

Why did the cookie go to the hospital? Because he felt brittle.

What did life say to death? You are ending with me!

What did USB say to the wire? I think we have a good connection!

Why did the cake discuss with the brigadeiro? Because it is very wrapped.

Why was the water in the psychiatrist? Because she was drowning in her problems.

What are angels forbidden to speak? Victoria’s Secrets.

What did the suicide banana say? Monkeys bite me!

What did the pencil say to comfort the rubber? It’s not like that, there are things that only time can erase.

Why are spiders so smart? They can find everything on their “web”.

Why does the elephant not catch fire? Because he is already gray.

What camera did you say to the photographer? I have revelations!

What is the saddest ball in sports? The golf ball that is always going to the hole.

What did the bucket say when it went to get water? I’m at the bottom of the well!

What is the most fearful and soft food that exists? The gelatin that never has a firmness to face your problems!

Why are ghosts terrible to tell lies? Because they are transparent.

What did fire whispered to match? It can come hot that I’m boiling!

Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut? He just needed a little space.

What is the month that pleases all tastes? August!

Why did the knife need to use a glass? Because it was getting blind.

Why did the Hulk woman divorced from him? Because she wanted a more mature man.

What did the iron say to clothes? You need to learn to solve your Rusgs!

which are the most dry birds of nature? All those who can’t do copic.

What was the hammer to do in the church? Preach.

Why did the other subjects move away from mathematics? Because it only counts on problems.

What did the moon say to the sun? Wow, you’re so big and don’t let you go out at night!

What the rice said when you found the beans? I found my plate made (perfect pair)!

What is the most tireless thing in the world? Time, because it does not for a second.

What is the most emotional food? The butter that for anything is melted!

Coffee arrived in the kitchen displeasing everyone. What did they say to him? Wow, how bitter you are!

What was the chicken to do in the church? Watch the Rooster Mass.

What did the socket say to electricity? You give me energy!

What is the smartest animal in the world? The Sabiá!

What did the stone say to the waterfall water? You are hard on the fall!

What kind of tea is difficult to swallow? Reality.

What is the holy water formula? H God o.

Why no one likes the needle? Because she always gets into where she is not called.

What is the singer who gives order to everyone? The “mandon”.

What did zebra say to the fly? You are on my black list.

What is the most clumsy vegetable of all? Carrot, because it lives grated.

What did the shoelace say to tennis? I tie myself in you.

Who is the worst enemy of headquarters? The water that lives trying to kill her.

Why when I drink I laugh? Because when I drink, not laugh.

The protons gave a party and did not invite the electrons. What is the justification? You are very negative.

What is the Mineiro Heavy Metal Band? It is the “Uairon” Maiden.

What is the opposite of volatile? Come-cá-Sobrinho.

What food leaves you alive longer? The long life milk!

Why did an influencer go to the dentist? To make a channel!

Do you know which historical character was partying? Napoleon “Bom-Na-Party”.

What do you have a trampoline at the north pole? For the “polar” bear.

What is the most sacred food? The “Amen-Doim”.

Why was the ladder cold? Because there was little “step”.

What is a black dot on top of a green ball? An ant walking of “lemon”.

Why was the worm fired? Because she was doing soft body.

Why isn’t it good to turn on GPS to go to the cemetery? Because when you get there the app says: “arrived at your destination”!

In the phrase “he woke up early”, where is the subject? Somewhere falling asleep.

What did the roller coaster say to the ferris wheel? We would never work out, because we have many ups and downs.

How did the phone declare to the charger? You are the one who recharges my energies!

If nothing works out in your life, whether like a hole, that the more you get, the faster!

What did the toothpick say to the phosphorus box? For you, I lose my head.

How did Batman know Robin? By the bat-papo.

Why can electricity never sleep? Because it is always on.

Why does ice cream love summer? Because it melts all the heat.

What is the difference between the priest and the teapot? The priest is of great faith, and the teapot is “Por-Caplin”.

How did the pencil feel after the fight in the case? Disappointed.

Why doesn’t the policeman use soap? Because he prefers to “detergent”.

Why did Barbie go to the psychologist? Because I was feeling empty inside.

Which animal thinks is nothing more? “Já-Vali”.

Why is the spider the neediest animal in the world? Because she is an “aracneedyou”.

What did the paper say to the printer before leaving? You left marks on me!

What is the opposite of paperwork? “CASTED PHONE”.

Why in the mother -in -law house all noises seem to be high? Because “waves are daughters -in -law”.

Who is the oldest, the sun or the moon? The moon, because it can already go out at night.

Why doesn’t the plant like to change home? Because it creates roots.

What did the glass say to the mirror? You reflect everything in me.

a sneaker was thrown into the sea and sank. What is the name of the film? “Tita-Nike”.

laughing is one of the best sensations you can try, and laughing at a good joke is even better, because it relieves stress, improves mood, helps in social connections and works creativity, that is, it is a combo of things good for mind and body.

Including, the jokes are so striking that they have been part of culture for centuries and are present in the most diverse phases of human history, bringing with it a little lightness to everyday life.

If you want to keep laughing with more content like this, be sure to check out these bad joke messages and quotes that will show you that even the worst puns can tear smiles and improve your day!

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