100 messages and quotes of God to spread faith with blessed words

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Although life is made of ups and downs, feeding faith can be the way out of many problems. Sharing a friendly word is able to comfort the hearts and motivate to move on. To support those who need or thank for the blessings won, see the blessed messages and quotes of God selected below!

God’s messages and quotes for Status

gives priority to God, who never leaves you in the background.

Faith is like this: First you put your foot, then God puts the floor.

He will never point you to your finger and accuse, he will hug you and forgive.

If God gives you a passage, don’t let anyone close it.

God, I know you have plans for me, do not allow me to deviate from them.

God’s love has transformed my life, brought light to my heart!

When you accept God in your heart, everything starts to flow!

There is nothing to stop when God wants to act.

God’s love is the essence I want to have in my being.

Where there are all the best things in the world, you can be sure that there is also God.

First of all, pray. After anything, thank you.

Have faith, put your pains in the hands of God and trust your destiny.

When the world says “give up,” listen to God whispering “try one more time!”

Do you have a problem? Don’t worry, put in God’s hands and wait.

Friends are one more way for God to take care of us.

the God I can’t even see, cares about what I want to be.

God’s messages and quotes Short

Get ready! The Lord’s Day is close.

The true light comes from God.

Our friendship was sealed by God!

It is beautiful to know that there is a God who takes care of us.

If your GPS of life fails, God will be there to guide you.

Happy or sad, thank God daily.

No one will love me the way the Lord loves me.

God is here, can you feel?

Ore, wait, trust. God knows all things!

4 Letters, 1 Perfection: God!

and always be as God willing!

Smile! God loves you unconditionally.

True friend, only God.

God is the great love of my life!

God always has an answer to everything.

God has a purpose even in difficult days.

God’s messages and quotes for Photo

Gratitude opens our eyes and allows us to see God everywhere and anywhere!

It is important for God to be with you, but the most important thing is that you choose to be in the company of Him.

If there is one thing I learned is that all afflictions serve to improve and shape my faith.

Faith is not to think that God will do everything you want. Faith is to believe that he will do what is best for you.

Dear God, you are my protection, my fortress. You are my God, I trust you.

Of the heights, the eternal sees the depths. No matter the distance, he knows everything about us.

I don’t know what awaits me tomorrow, but I’m at peace, because I know that God has the best for me!

The time when we most perceive God’s support and care is when we are fragile.

Despite everything, the Lord was always by my side, holding my hand firmly.

Practicing gratitude to God should not be an obligation, but something that comes genuinely from the heart.

God knows you deeply, you know the battles you face daily! He will take care of you in all circumstances.

I thank God even for the stones in my way, because they make it all worth it.

I have faith that God takes care of us, because when we fall, He helps us to lift. And when we walk, it is he who follows by our side.

Do not worry if God does not fulfill your request. He is preparing the best and is not always exactly the way you want it.

When you find out how loved by God, the world will surely change around you.

I’m not afraid of absolutely anything when I feel the presence of God by my side.

Deliver all your flaws and fears to God, He will surely take care of everything.

God’s Motivation messages and quotes

Smile! God has just given you a new day and extraordinary things can happen if you believe.

Do more than just walk with God, enjoy all the teachings of Him!

No matter what happens, never stop thanking. It was easy? It is because God allowed it. It’s hard? It’s because he knows you can overcome.

If God has filled his life with obstacles, it is because He believes in his ability to pass them.

Faith in God gives that little push that you may realize all your dreams.

My courage wakes up and gets up every time I remember God taking care of all the details.

Every day God thinks of you. All the time God takes care of you. Every minute God cares about you. Because every second God loves you!

Nothing is unbearable or unbearable when you accept the help God offers you.

To have faith is not to think that God will do what I want, but make sure He will do what I need for me.

The good days give you happiness, the evils give you experience, but remember: both are essential if accompanied by God!

Be strong, for if God is with you, there is nothing to fear!

No matter the difficulty, know that with God, you can absolutely everything!

Don’t be afraid to put your life in God’s hands, you can be sure that He will do the best for you.

Hard times are fleeting, but God’s love is infinite.

Maybe God will not change your situation, but He is using this situation to change you.

God transforms crying into smile, pain in strength, weakness in faith and dream into reality.

Thank God for your blessings being the best version of yourself daily.

God’s messages and quotes in my life

Teach me, Lord, your way, and I will walk in your truth; unite my heart with the fear of your name.

Lord, give me serenity to accept things I cannot modify, courage to modify those I can, and wisdom to recognize the difference between them.

of all things to be done before bed, the best and most right is to deliver your life and fate into the hands of God.

When we accept God, he becomes greater than any problem in our lives.

I know that God takes care of me at all times, especially in those that I can barely bear the weight of existence.

God, thank you for illuminating my way! My life has been marked by achievements that sometimes do not give due value, but I know that your grace is present at all times.

In your hands I put my concerns, care and problems. In your wisdom I put my way, my directions and goals. In your love, I put my life!

sir, make me strong to continue, don’t let me weak! Guide me where I go, free from danger, my way move the enemy.

Lord, the desire of my heart is that our wills coincide, but if they do not coincide, that their always prevails.

As much as obstacles take my peace, they will never be able to get God out of me!

When my world threatens to collapse over my head, I know God is here to hold on everything.

Ó, Lord, help me to be wise and willing to obey you.

My days and my nights are the best, because God is by my side all the time.

God takes care of me without me having to tell him my anguish. Your love is attentive!

My walk may be as difficult as possible, but I will face it, because God always walks with me.

My strength comes from a God who does the best for me.

sir, I cannot see you, much less hear your voice, but surely, I can feel your presence!

God’s messages and quotes Tumblr

A great story is made of great challenges that are conquered with great efforts, formed of great dreams and coming from a great God.

When God is in charge, the impossible happens.

If God gave you friends, consider the most valuable gift you could receive.

God’s love fits where there is no fit.

May my courage be greater than my fear and may my strength be as great as my faith.

God does not punish, God teaches. God does not take away, God delivers. God does not take long, God whim!

Expect less from people, expect more from God.

The Lord is a perfect model we should follow, just accept to know it.

I want to dedicate to God every beat of my heart, because it was for me that the heart of the Son of Him stopped beating.

I just have to thank for all that God gives me daily, because it is much more than I deserve!

we make plans for our lives, but it is the Lord who guides our steps.

All those things I resisted in putting in the hands of God were lost.

God does nothing before or after, He acts at the right time!

Before praying for God to solve your problem, first show the size of your faith to the difficulty.

Want to demonstrate your gratitude to God? Do this by dedicating yourself to your wonderful teachings.

God takes care of me, for you know that I trust in him with every soul, mind and heart.

If something worries you, don’t be afraid to speak your anguish to God. He will welcome you and calm you!

The Lord is the basis of absolutely everything! And these messages and quotes of God will surely help you express this unconditional and unattended love that He feels for you. God’s messages and quotes are like perfect prayers, that is, they have a huge potential to turn lives and strengthen ties with this more than important figure!

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