100 love messages and quotes for the boy who expresses an intense passion

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Whether in a new or year relationship, declaring love to someone else is crucial to maintaining romance. Talking about his feelings to his pair, in addition to making him feel special, helps to strengthen the couple’s emotional bond. Next, check out exciting love messages and quotes for the boy who will make you even more in love with you!

Love messages and quotes for Boy for Status

Love, when I feel lost, I find myself in your eyes!

I will never forgive my destiny for allowing me to spend so much time from my life without finding you.

Honey, your heart is a magnet that attracts me to the center of our love.

I gave you full access to my heart, make it your home!

I love your marty face, your look of desire and your warm hug. You are much more than I always dreamed!

You know you have the keys of my heart!

Love, you are the floor under my feet, it is my safe haven whenever I need it. Loving you is a gift!

Dear, you are the sun that helps me keep life in orbit.

You saved me and returned me the desire to live, honey. Passing eternity by your side is just the beginning of what I dream for us!

Passion, never stop smiling at me, because it is through your smile that I find the course of my life.

My greatest desire is to live forever by your side with the soul connected to yours!

Some people want everything, but I don’t want absolutely anything if it’s not you.

One day I doubted that there was perfection, but it was then that I found your smile.

I want to sleep and wake up on your side and make my days by your side a dream.

Love, my days without you were bland and colorless. You will be my rainbow forever.

Your mouth fits mine in a way that no other fit. I think you were made for me, love!

Your soft touch on my skin is a shock that energizes my heart, my body and my soul.

Lack of everything, I don’t know anything, it’s just work. I’ll be back home, you don’t have you, you are missing!

I give me to you body and soul because I trust the strength and truth of our love.

Life, I’m in love with your smile, your smell, your touch and your gaze. You make sense to my senses!

Love messages and quotes for the Boy Shorts

Neither does the universe include the immensity of our love.

Love you make me see beauty and feel the heat even on rainy days.

Love you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for me, it’s still little.

Dear, my heart needs yours to hit the right pace.

I dived headlong into your heart like who is refreshed in the sea on a summer afternoon.

Strange would be if I didn’t fall in love with you!

If you have a way not to love you so much, I haven’t found it yet.

fits me with your hug and never let me go!

My mind is added to its smell and my body to yours. You are my favorite addiction!

I don’t want another heat without being your body in mine.

For you, love, I make infinity the home of our love.

I’m guiding, I wait for you, come! Follow where my feet go, because I follow you too.

I launched myself in love making sure that you would always be on the other side to catch me.

I am not religious, but I am a devotee of your love.

Who created the word “love” was inspired by our history.

In the game of love, I took the big luck as I found you.

Life, you will never regret giving me your heart. I promise!

I only know how to dance with you, this is what love does!

intertwines your fingers in mine and your life in mine. You are forbidden to let me go!

Breaking dawn is only beautiful when you have your smile.

Love messages and quotes for Boy Tumblr

The sound of your voice causes me shiver, it’s like the sound of joy calling me to live.

Earth stopped when our eyes met, but turned back to the speed of light when our hearts intertwined.

I would choose to live again until my worst days if I was sure you would be at my destination.

I don’t want diamonds or money, I want to live the simplicity of life having your heart as a treasure.

You accepted me and loved me from the beginning the way I am, with all my flaws, so my heart is yours.

The sky may even change, simply darken, but when I look at you, that’s all that matters.

You teach me to be strong, boost my achievements. It is you who makes me understand what happiness is. There is no way not to love you!

When it comes to both of us, there are not enough words that can decipher love.

fairy tales may not even exist, but love stories, yes, and one of them is ours!

During all my years, I didn’t know what it was like to be alive, but when our lips touched, I found out.

I choose you for the eternity of the days, through the depths of our love. I love you!

Our hopes and dreams will come true. I will not disappoint you. I’ll be right there for you, until the end!

Love, you are the oasis of my desert, my fortress in the midst of war, the light of my days of darkness.

I wasn’t sure if love existed, until you find it in your hug.

The way you take me in your arms and love me makes my world stop.

It may seem crazy, but I never felt as free as I feel being chained to your heart.

Out of nowhere, you did everything; In the dark, you became light. Honey, I love you so much, it is you who lead me.

Being here, with you and now, looking into your eyes I feel in my heart the beginning of something new.

Do you accept? Accepts to find one day at the altar and seal my life to yours forever?

I was already yours in other lives, it would not be where we would not meet.

Love messages and quotes for the boy to fall in love

Your kiss numbs me and makes me want to enjoy this good feeling of loving even more.

I, who always had so many doubts, I was convinced that I will be yours forever!

When God drew his smile was so that humanity could dazzle a piece of paradise.

Honey, you are the calm breeze that Apaziga my flames, is the rainbow after the storm. Your love is my north!

I love you in all the multiverses of this madness called life. You are my best reality!

You got into my mind and never left. You are the light that guides me in this dark world!

I love the way it protects me, loves me and welcomes me. Your heart is now my home!

Your mischievous look and your naughty smile conquer my heart more and more.

Love, living away from you is no longer an option for my life. I want you by my side forever!

Your touch makes me ignite. You are the flame that keeps me alive.

My whole universe lies in your gaze, love!

I don’t want to close my eyes, I’m afraid of losing a lot. I don’t want to sleep, I prefer to fall in love, because eternity with you is not enough time.

my hero, your kiss is the antidote to all my shadows.

Life required many turns to be given to meet, but our love is like a magical cube, the final combination is perfect!

Love, you have resignified my story. Loving you is my best adventure!

I give you my heart and everything I am, because I know you are the only one who will really know me.

If I could, love, would have an entire garden of flowers with its smell.

I found a man stronger than anyone I know. He shares my dreams, I hope one day we share a home!

think there are only 7 wonders in the world because they have never seen their hearts.

Your touch makes me map our destiny and in your eyes I can see where to follow to the eternity of our love.

Love messages and quotes for the Good Morning Boy

Nothing in life is so precious than waking up knowing that my heart is yours. Good morning!

Good morning, my love! My existence depends on yours, we are linked to each other forever and nothing can undo that!

Even on cloudy days, know: you will be my sun and me, yours. Good morning, honey!

Good morning, passion! The beauty of life is in dawn knowing that if you have someone to share life.

I slept and woke up thinking of you and how happy I am to love you. Good morning!

“I’m here for you, for me, for us, you don’t know how important it is to wake up listening to your voice.” Good morning, love!

Good morning, prince of my fairy tale! May your heart be flooded with love and joy today.

The taste of your kiss is my best alarm clock. Good morning, love!

dawn making sure it is loved and admired. You are the man of my life. Good morning!

Good morning, life! Glue your body on mine and get together with me forever?

Good morning, life! Know that today, every second, I will be thinking of you.

Good morning, life! “So big love has to be lived all the time and, with every time I’m far, it’s a waste.”

I’m delivered daily to you, my love. Your smile gives me strength to live. Good morning!

You make me happy and it’s by your side that I want to be in every dawn. Good morning, honey!

glimpse your eyes in the morning energizes me. There is no greater luck than having it in my life. Good morning!

The most precious treasure of my life is our love and all that we are building together. Good morning!

Good morning! I need you by my side today, tomorrow and always. You are my breath of life in my days, love.

“Today I need to hear any word of yours, any exaggerated phrase that makes me feel happy to be alive.” Good morning, love!

Each morning also awakens a new passion for the man you are becoming, my love. Have a good day!

Passion, may your awakening be beautiful and may the morning sun illuminate every step of your own. Good morning!

Declareing your feelings is a way of feeding romance. After all, when talking about them with sincerity and affection, you keep the flame of love alive.

In addition, for more time relationships, this demonstration can be ideal for restoring the intensity of the passion of the beginning of dating.

By the way, make the statement even better with these passionate messages and quotes filled with affection and tenderness that transform love into poetry!

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