100 good night messages and quotes that will provide a great rest

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Dnight arouses the feeling of warmth. After all, after a day full of tasks, all you want is to relax. However, in the face of tiredness, it is not always easy to put the problems aside. If this is your case, then check out serene good night messages and quotes that prepare good dreams and feel involved in well-being and calm before falling asleep!

Good night messages and quotes to spread peace and tranquility at dusk

Good night! May the angels of the Lord end up and give you a wonderful night of sleep and tranquility capable of restoring your most intimate dreams.

Rest renews not only the body, but the soul, hopes and strength to accomplish what is still in the plans. Good night!

If you want to live something new tomorrow, start by planning and doing something different today. Good night!

Life is much more than chaotic days and nights of insomnia. So take advantage of the end of this day to do things you love, that do you well and prepare the rest you deserve. Good dreams!

If God has put you where you are today, trust: He has great purposes for your life! Reassure your heart and stay firm. Good night!

Sleep soon, honey. The sooner we fall asleep, the faster the time will pass and soon we will be together again! I don’t see the time. Good night!

Another beautiful nightfall begins illuminating our lives with the light of the stars and the hope of better days. Good night!

Good night! The world may not meet your needs and disappoint you, but God always has the best for your life. Trust in Him and tomorrow will surprise you!

Even as you pass the valley, thank you. Gratitude operates miracles. Opens your heart to receive the new in your life. Have a wonderful night!

Another day comes to an end, bringing with it tranquility and peace. Have a good night of rest and may tomorrow come filled with new opportunities to be happy!

Good night! May the dream world propel you to seek your best version tomorrow.

Do not forget: The secret of success is to produce what can day and rest well at night for another journey tomorrow. Each day, a small step. Good dreams!

Good night! The moon has its phases, so is life. No anguish lasts forever. May today’s rest restore your mood for tomorrow.

Preserve in itself the joy of a child willing to rediscover life in every dawn. May this night notice your strength and hope in your soul. Good night!

Never forget that it is the busy seas that make excellent sailors. Rest today in the quiet waters to return tomorrow with new mood. Have a great night’s sleep!

So far, God has given you livelihood and love. Do not be discouraged, your victory is closer each day. Good night!

Dreams are nothing more than our life purposes. Without them, we would be, we get stuck in the immediate. Have a fantasy night to believe in life again!

Dusk has come. Take advantage of the silence of this moment to get in touch with the deepest things in your heart, renew purposes and tomorrow start over. Good night!

Good night! When you believe that anything is possible, it is able to make the impossible happen.

If you are going through bad mouths, contemplate the beauty of the stars, take a deep breath, give time to recalculate the route. Sometimes you need to go back to move forward. Good night!

May the joy of good days give you the strength and courage to survive the bad days. Have an excellent night!

Good night! Live the uniqueness of each day with joy and enjoy each one as if it were the last. Something new is reserved for you tomorrow. Good rest!

Drizzle your days with hope and do not waste the opportunities. Each day, new chances. May your night be as wonderful as you!

There is time for everything in this life and now your time to rest. May the calm of the night make you live the gift, thank what you have gone through and prepare you for what will come. Good rest!

Good night! A blessed night to you who changed rest for work! May God strengthen you and give you energy to face the next hours.

Good night! May the act of God be so powerful in your life and that your days are flooded by surprises and changes you expect so much.

Night silence makes us reflect. I wish you can see reasons to thank and fight in the details of each day. Good night!

Don’t be so hard with yourself, for joy is often in flexibility, seizing with each error and making everything learning and growth. Good rest!

Make tonight the perfect opportunity to rethink your plans and the next day remove them from the paper. Sleep well!

Nothing can be so bad that it cannot be softened with a good night’s sleep. May your rest be restorative!

You need to dose the intensity you live. What is too intense can hurt, but the least can be stagnant. Good night, good rest!

Good night! They say the best in our lives is left to the end. That’s why I’m here, sending you the last message on my day. I’m thinking of you. That in this affection, you find the rest you need!

No one likes the darkness, but it is only at night that we can see the beauty of the stars. Good rest!

Good night! When you lie in your bed, remember to thank God for another day of life, regardless of how He was. It is the gratitude that opens doors to the new!

Good night! No one knows what tomorrow promises, what we know is that today we can rest and recharge the energies to live it in the best way.

In addition to the clouds, there is a place of sun. Life is made of the four stations. Summer will come in your life. Have faith. Good night!

Good night! I wish every good dream become real, that all rest brings vigor and that all hope is presented with a miracle.

Rest! God has already written his story and determined his victories. Don’t give up, move on! Good night!

After an exhaustive day, dusk comes bringing the well -deserved rest. May your night be everything you need to get up tomorrow restored!

Your daily choices can have good or bad consequences for your tomorrow. Choose your tomorrow today! Good night!

Good night! Life will never be a constant. She goes up, goes down, zigzag, gets out of the axis … The only thing that remains is hope, enough to fix her eyes on the goals.

Good night! Allow yourself to live every moment with boldness. Life is made for those who are not afraid to face their challenges.

Do not limit your dreams because of the daily challenges. If you want something, it has already taken the first step to make it happen. Good night!

Thank you! Another day comes to an end and another is about to begin, thanks to the Lord. May your tomorrow be an answer of all your prayer yesterday. Good night!

Nothing is more decisive in our lives as to the desire for change. May today’s rest prepare you for tomorrow’s struggles. Good night!

Good night! If you feel exhausted today, don’t worry. No work is in vain. Whether it is a lesson or achievement, one day it will reap every effort that sowed.

Remember the reason that made you start. Obstacles may cause discouragement, but the hope of victory, when well anchored in purposes, revives any heart. Have a great night!

The difference between a person’s success and failure is in the way they behave in the face of life. Continue resilient and brave. The fruits will come. Good night!

Ore, plan, have faith and put it into practice. The achievements of life in the future only happen if they have action in the present. Good night!

Enjoy this night’s sleep to restore your energy and hope for a new day promising many achievements. Good rest!

With a lot of faith and hard work, little by little, you are managing to change the course of your days. Good rest! Good night!

When you transform your way of seeing life, it changes for the better. What is thought, is also lived. Good night!

Flores where to walk and perfume the way of life with its essence. Good night!

Want to be happy? So do not forget: from dawn to dusk, may God be your priority, for it is He who will guarantee your true happiness. Have an excellent night!

It’s time to put the afflictions aside, say a confident prayer in God’s action, and rest with peace of mind. Tomorrow will be a new day. May God give you a night’s sleep night!

I would like to be close and see you sleep, watch over your sleep. As I can’t, I send my guardian angel to protect you and take care of all the things that worry you. Count on my prayers. Good night!

Give your best daily, because when you lie your head on the pillow, you will always be sure you did your part. Good night!

Good night! The darkness of dawn does not prevent us from the certainty of tomorrow. It always comes. Don’t be discouraged!

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Take the next few hours to relax and restore all lost energies. Tomorrow we will have new challenges. Good rest!

Today what we interpret as defeat can only be lesson, the first chapter of our history of victories. God does not fail! Good night.

Rest! Tomorrow will be better, God has already prepared everything. Good night!

Good night! Every time you think of giving up, remember that there is someone cheering for you. In that case, it’s me. Trust, wait, work, rest. Good night!

Pay attention to the ways that will choose to go through your journey. Some of them can lead you to success, others even precious lessons. Nothing is in vain. Good night!

Life is too short to let moments of rest pass. They are the ones who prepare our body and mind to achieve our goals. Allow yourself to relax. Good night!

That night, I ask God to welcome you in your lap of love, capable of restoring your strength and preparing you to fulfill the Father’s will in your life. If he’s with you, I know nothing will miss. Good night!

Gratitude ennobles more than money and material goods. It makes everything precious to our eyes. Have an excellent night!

Sleep well! Body and mind need rest to continue producing the fruits of a good life. Good night!

That the full moon wakes up your inner wolf so you can be strong to run in search of your goals. Good night!

Enjoy the early night to enter the presence of God. May divine love strengthen you to face the routine tomorrow. Have good dreams and may the Lord bless you!

May every nightfall awaken in your heart the joy of living God’s promises. Good night!

Don’t let anything in the world prevent you from being happy. Your way of being will still take you too far. Have a great night!

Good night! Tomorrow, when the day lightens, challenge yourself to do something new and look at life with other perspectives. No one achieves results in the comfort zone!

Tomorrow will always bring the necessary resolution to any problem today. Sleep in peace! Have a great night!

When you enter your bedroom, leave the problems out. The mind needs quality rest to recover good reasoning. Good night!

Look the stars, see how they shine! So you are in the darkest moments of my life. Rest to continue illuminating the life of those who know you. Good night!

The night proposes reflections from our day. That in the silence of this last few hours, you recover the peace and strength to dream again. Good rest!

Good night! When we carry the world of others on the shoulders, the account of tiredness folds. Beware of mental exhaustion. Remember: even to take care of others you have to be well.

Don’t be afraid to live, for the more you run away from life, the more obstacles you will find along the way. Good night!

Daily effort results in tiredness, but the feeling of being useful arouses a joy that renews our strengths. Good rest and good night!

Just like the good days, bad days are also behind. Prioritize your rest to restore your energies. Good night!

You can be whoever you want, go wherever you want, live as you want … The freedom of existence allows you in dreams and in life. Good night!

Good night! We change every day, but God’s love remains the same and inviting us to live life differently.

Night Reflection: Do you plant the seeds of the fruits you want to reap? Good rest!

Blessed night! By recognizing God’s greatness, we learn to reassure our hearts and leave everything in Him. Try delivering your life to the Lord.

Put your strength, faith and hope in the Lord and do not be discouraged. He will provide the best. Have a blessed night and peaceful!

Days of challenges strengthen you much more than happy days. Rest nights give you better days. Good night!

I don’t need to dream having you as a reality. I’m going to sleep in peace knowing that you exist and soon we will be together. Good night!

May the glow of the stars be the spotlight of their dreams. Have a good night!

There will always be the certainty of a new day full of possibilities. Let us take the moment to make it happen. Good night!

Close your eyes, thank you for everything you have ever lived. After all, you have already surpassed a lot to be here today. Now get ready: tomorrow we always reserve news. Good night!

Good night! When the journey is made with confidence, even the stones on the way become steps.

Good night! No one can say what you can or can not do. Also rest the voices around you. May the opinion of others do not prevent you from winning what was done for you.

When your emotions are going through chaos, enjoy the silence of the night to reorganize them. Good rest!

A good night’s sleep operates miracles in the morning. Rest!

Sleeping or awake, at rest or working, that is a wonderful night like the person you are!

Ask God to give you a quiet night of rest and dreams, and to invigorate your strength to conquer them in tomorrow. Have a blessed night!

It is in the silence of the night, under the brightness of the moonlight, that we see the grandeur of life and what we can still do with it. Good night!

1/3 of life we ​​go asleep and it is no wonder. This is how we recover energies to achieve what we believe in the morning. Rest so you can fight for your dreams until they become real. Good night!

God created you so that you may be light. Don’t be afraid to move toward your dreams and illuminate wherever it goes. Have a great night!

Do not allow everyday problems overload you this beautiful night. Have a great rest and good dreams!

Ending the day with tranquility and joy makes all the difference, don’t you think? By the way, good emotions turn any time at the best time to live!

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