100 funny singing to break the ice in the achievement

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Who is bad in flirting always ends up resorting to those sung that rip a smile from the crush. Great to make the mood lighter, they can be the perfect way to start a relaxed conversation. So check out the best funny singing messages and quotes and have some on the tip of your tongue for when you need it!

Best Funny Singing messages and quotes

My land has palm trees, where I sings the sabiá and I want to know, what time we will kiss.

If we were in a wreck, I would let you go up with me.

When will I see her again? It’s been an hour since we met.

What perfume is this that you pass and smell of love of my life?

You must be tired, right? Because it spent all night in my head.

calls me an electronic one and gives me your vote of confidence.

Sorry to have called you on WhatsApp. I would just like to open your profile photo to see if it was dollar or euro, because real cannot be.

I changed operator, my plan now is to build a future with you.

Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.

I’m seeing you online and look that it’s been the baby time to sleep, huh!

does not even album: glue on me and complete me!

Willingness to do what begins with S: Being the love of your life!

Is it true that you have two languages ​​in the mouth? No?! So how about having?

My name is very big, you better call me just “love”.

Are you sure you are not an extraterrestrial? Because you have abducted my heart.

There is an emptiness in my heart that has its measurements. Want to do the same as MST and occupy?

If you want I want, if you don’t want to, it was just a joke.

“agent” together is a Portuguese error, but we are separately error of destination.

The butcher sells meat, the ice cream sells ice cream. The baker sells bread and you, come from zap?

Wow, I’m feeling a pain in my chest, I hope it is love. Because if it is a heart attack, I will never see you again.

Funny Singing messages and quotes to Zoar

I was surprised when you told me “hi” … I thought cat just said “meuu”.

Do you accept to date me or will I have to lie in my diary?

Ready, I’m here! What are your other two desires?

Too much support this couple: one of me and you!

I lost my phone number… lend me yours?

My love for you is the same as government work: never end!

Let’s kiss until the Brazilian creates class consciousness.

You should eat photoshop for breakfast to be that beautiful!

Are you always hot like this or today are lasagna?

You are not Napoleon, but occupied Bonaparte of my heart.

You are not an earthquake, but you shook my structures.

What is a perfect gentleman like me doing without your phone number?

Is the Greek economy that bad? After all, even a Greek god like you came to live here!

I don’t need to be a seer to know that my future is you.

Mom made a sweet delight for you to prove it, his name is me.

I’m doing an organ donation campaign! Don’t you want to donate your heart to me?

It is very bad to talk to WhatsApp. What if we live together to make it easier?

Crime only pays off if it is to steal your kisses.

I’m terrible with languages, but I want to know a new language: yours!

calls me Christmas that I show you what is happy night.

Funny Singing messages and quotes for Crush

When your mother said she wanted the best for you, she was talking about me, just to warn.

There’s something wrong with my cell phone. I can’t find your number in it …

A month ago I was in love with you. And it seems that we are last month!

If my heart were Titanic, you would surely be the iceberg.

You are like a dictionary: it adds meaning to my life!

Excuse me, would you have a common friend who could introduce us?

It’s hot, right? But it is not today that I melt for you.

I’ll kiss you. If you don’t like it, give me back, okay?

You are not the money lost in the pocket of the coat, but I was very happy to find you!

I’m feeling loneliness, but I could be feeling your mouth in mine, right …

If you were an update on my status I would give you a like, but did not share with anyone.

Yesterday I wanted to kiss you, today I’m the same yesterday.

here, warming me up with the sheets, but I would really like to be warming up with you!

I’m not your internet, but I’m falling for you.

Do you have an extra heart? Because mine has already been stolen.

equal to you, not even Google finds.

I really wanted to give you a gift, but I don’t know how to wrap a kiss. Any tips?

Do you know where I am? In yours!

Hi, my bed is wanting to know if you are in the mood to sleep with us …

No need to light the light to be clear that I want you.

Funny singing messages and quotes for friends

I know things are not easy for you, but I am!

I would be with myself, but I will leave this opportunity for you …

I jumped in the water to the belly button, so you want to be with me?

I don’t know how to make sweets, but they say my kiss is the best. Want to prove it?

I can only be in a vision problem, because I can’t wait to take you some.

will kiss how many wrong mouths until you realize that the right is mine?

I heard you like cats. How about giving me a chance?

Today is Monday, but you are still my first option.

I can’t kiss myself, but you can. Reflect!

to enjoy my photos and come enjoy my mouth.

The line walked, but if you want to pierce, you can.

You have already made so many mistakes in your life, what does it cost me to be one more?

What I feel for you can only be a driver, because passenger is not.

marital status: waiting for you to give me a chance.

neither PT nor PSDB. I want is VCBB.

calls me a phone that, with you, I lose the line.

Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m feeling the connection.

I’m not a health plan, but if you want, I end up with your need.

sorry, haven’t I stayed with you before? No?! So, let’s find a way in this!

There’s a person there wanting to kiss your mouth a lot, but I won’t say who I am.

Funny bricklayer sung messages and quotes

You are not asteroid, but what a heavenly body you have!

My mother said she found the ideal person for me. Are you?

So, besides leaving me without air, what else do you do?

Where do I leave my resume to run for the love vacancy of your life?

If you are here, who is managing the sky?

If you were a snack, your name would be x-princess!

Today is your birthday, but I want to congratulate your parents for doing this work of art!

I didn’t graduate in cardiology, but I want to take care of your heart.

calls me makeup remover and let me take your lipstick!

Do you know how to park? Because there is a vacancy for you in my heart.

You are not traffic light, but it is to stop traffic!

You are not the missing egg in my lunch box. You are the filet mignon!

Do you have GPS? Because I wanted to know the way for your mouth.

I’m not cocoa butter, but I would love to soften your lips.

I’m not cement, but with you I want something concrete.

If you were a soda, it would be soda, because in my heart “soda you.”

You’re not the Ipanema girl, but it’s the most beautiful and free thing I’ve ever seen.

give me your Instagram? My father said I should follow my dream.

I’m not a veterinarian or biologist, but I can recognize a kitten when I see.

I’m not a cookie, but I would love to be your hobby, your beautiful!

That these funny singing arouses the best in the person you are interested in. After all, there is no crush that can resist so much good humor! Ne to spice up the conversation, how about sending one of these hot and totally bold singing? That seduction games begin.

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