100 funny messages and quotes for status that demonstrate good mood

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In status you can, through a few words, demonstrate who you are, what you like and what your dreams are. It is usually through him that you have a first impression on someone. So, check out fun funny messages and quotes for status and choose the one that best represents you!

Funny messages and quotes for status that share a lot of fun

A toast to our defects! Because with our qualities, no one cares.

I love being married! It is so good to find someone special to pissing off for the rest of your life.

There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me to see it.

Error sometimes just to disguise my perfection.

common sense is like deodorant: people who need most never use.

I never forget a face, but in your case, I will be happy to open an exception.

I am looking for someone who understands me and then explains me.

A word that describes people who don’t like me: irrelevant!

I remember as if it were yesterday. Of course, I don’t remember yesterday very well.

I look normal, but I already tchau to a plane.

Never leave tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

If you have a problem with me, come pick it up. After all, the problem is yours, not mine!

The more things I have to do, the more time I spend on the internet.

If even couscous you need to rest to be cute… Imagine me!

taking everything, the rest is good!

Beating the wood removes the bad luck? I need to cleanse the Amazon in the beating!

My fear is to enter the hospice and feel at home…

People are very boring… I don’t, I’ve always been!

If boredom is a trend, today I am completely in fashion!

Lord, give me patience. Because if I force me, I will need money for bail.

Sleeping is so good that it surprises me to be free!

My life represented in Roman numerals: Vixi.

If the pizza that comes from motorcycle takes time, imagine the prince who comes to horse.

You can’t control everything: your hair has been put in your head to remind you of it.

I went to look in the mirror and gave it to the love of your life!

It would be so much easier if it wasn’t that difficult…

Today, I’m like telephone operator: with many plans, but none of them pay!

We interrupt your opinion for the pronouncement of my “Dane“

I’m off! Who needs me, do like me: if you turn alone.

Leaving several things for the Law of Return to Solve…

There are 2 types of people: those that always end your sentences and the ones that…

I’m so money, that even my last conversation was sparkled!

My patience today is unavailable or outside the coverage area.

Finjo agree with boring people just for them to shut up.

Sarcasm: Use it! Because hitting people is illegal.

I have no enemies, I have angry fans!

Every morning awakened in a good mood, until I remember that I have to get out of bed.

I’m the sweetest person in the world, but sometimes sugar ends!

single I lie down, no horn in I get up.

Who wants to like me, has to be for love. Money I don’t have and beauty is missing!

I’m running out of feelings, I think I’m becoming a man.

Fighting sleep after lunch tells as a physical activity?

so busy being cool that there is no time to be beautiful.

Vacation ending… Time to look for the holidays on the calendar!

I don’t know why poor people get excited with Friday, if most work on Saturday.

I do not make judgment because I already drink beer, and I am not mixing.

What the eyes don’t see… I get on print!

Who runs after those who are not the police… I always live in peace!

Who believes in the change of others is the owner of the carrier.

If you have not died, you have no reason to take time to answer my message.

Wi-Fi with password? Where’s the humility? Where Jesus in your heart?

Your message has been received, viewed and successfully ignored!

Still being good, but see if it is no longer beast.

I do so little exercise that if you see me running, it runs too because something went wrong!

Love is not what when it arrives, you hope it never end. The name of this is holiday!

If I knew you again, I would do everything different: I would go straight!

I prefer to have beer than to take over the lives of others.

falls meteor, falls internet. Just don’t fall money on my account!

Sometimes I wonder where I got it right, because where I made a mistake is clear.

Everyone is toxic and abusive, except you… right, gold rosemary?

Already awake, but still unable to distinguish Maiara from Maraísa.

I’m not lazy, only alive in energy saving mode!

You can rest easy that everything goes by, even over you.

If you don’t like me, it is obvious that you have very bad taste!

In the theater of life the role of muggle is the one that best suits me.

A glass of wine is the answer, even though you do not remember the question.

If I answer ironicly, it’s just because your question was stupid.

Your opinion for me is the same ad from youtube: I ignore in 5 seconds.

Three words that summarize me: I’m out of money!

Cool your opinion, a pity I don’t care about her.

I’m not gossiping, I am a historian of the life of others.

marry someone who awaits you as I wait for Friday.

I need to find a way to make money from my laziness.

Life teaches many lessons, but I have ended up missing most classes.

Being an adult is like constantly trying to double a sheet of elastics.

I just regret the yogurt caps I threw away without licking.

If I already have lazy to walk, imagine if I will run after those who do not deserve me.

A clean consciousness is a clear sign of a bad memory.

If you found my answer annoying, now imagine your question!

Let’s love the next, because the previous one we already know that it didn’t work out.

Studies indicate that I forgot my patience in the womb.

If I had beauty what I have to sleep … I would be beautiful!

Can we start the weekend again? It’s just that I was distracted…

Who invented the work, certainly had nothing to do.

It is so sleepy that every blink is a different dream.

The only exercise I do is run after money.

I will be fitness next year, this year unfortunately did not give …

There are people who make any more cheerful place (only when they are absent).

some date, some stay and I’m beautiful! This is what matters…

Plans for today: Plan A, stay at home. Plan B, it doesn’t even have to be because it will work out.

As long as there is mobile phone with internet, there will be insomnia.

There is a business called female intuition that surpasses any FBI agent.

It’s no use spending your life looking for your half of the orange if you are a sour lemon.

urgently needing vacation. Too bad my boss doesn’t agree with me!

If life were easy, baby was not born crying.

There is a lot of oily forehead thinking it is bright.

My belly is not defined, because who defines themselves is limited.

by a shampoo that takes people out of the head.

respects me that, in my thoughts, I am the love of your life.

Age is something that no matter, unless you are a cheese.

Many options to change your status, right? From to describe, to to make that indirect that some contact is deserving!

If you are still in doubt, take a look at these beautiful messages and quotes for status that demonstrate your feelings.

Because, being well willing with life is plenty of reason to update social networks with a message that radiates your state of mind!

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