100 funny messages and quotes for bentô cake that will have fun your party

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Bentô Cake, also known as “lunchbox cake”, has gained more and more space in the celebrations. With hilarious decorations and creative messages generally written with shape letters, the minibol is fun and has a lot of personality. Next, check out funny messages and quotes for Bentô Cake and choose your favorite to make the celebration even more special!

Funny messages and quotes for Bentô Cake that will surprise

The cake is small because you really like beer.

Welcome to the Bullet Age!

25 years ago solving things calmly.

was born from the commoner, but you think the king of the family!

23 years ago crying in exchange for nothing.

A goddess, a crazy, a witch!

My father is the best with (beer) certainty!

People are piled, but you are the pile in person!

I’m not old, I’m an excellent crop!

no gossip, information distributor.

People are very boring. You don’t. You have always been!

I had a sweet side, but I ate.

26 years ago asking if there is coffee.

holder of reason and now of wisdom. Congratulations, young elderly!

23 years ago not always being right, but never being wrong!

Enjoy smile while you don’t have to pay for it.

Stay with me “patodavida”?

99% Angel, perfect, but that 1% is bum.

since you leave … get there and rock!

Do not call age, antiques are usually valuable!

64 years ago being the boring we love the most.

You deserve much more, but the money only gave to the cake.

I love you the size of your hunger!

Everything in life passes, except my love for you!

All the fault of retrograde Mercury.

Since being born being sour and moody!

Since 2002 being anti-love and gossip!

I would say that youth is not in the body, but I forgot that you are old inside and out.

Be careful when leaving home!

beautiful, crazy and spoiled!

It’s not potato but it’s tasty too.

When God went to fill me with love, I missed the bottle and filled me with anxiety.

33 delicate years like mule kick.

Finally formed! Now you can work to pay the bills!

15 years is not 18, okay? Judgment!

I’m round like your rivotril, but make no mistake, I’m just a cake!

so beautiful, pity that is crazy!

Another year surpassing the record of being wonderful.

35 years ago with pain somewhere.

Life is for those who know how to play, so keep training at The Sims!

such a husband not even Google finds it!

18 years ago asking for something, but on the way back we buy.

since 1993 being the crazy of cats.

reaching XX with a face of 80 …

A hot cake just like you!

mine, your hair is time, your guitar body. My coconut candy is making me crazy!

inspires. Breathe. Don’t pira!

Enjoy new age without moderation.

Congratulations on surviving.

beloved, reacts, put a cropped!

24 years ago with hunger, sleep and stress.

Once a year, we managed to get the gamer out of the room. Welcome to real life!

Life is not easy, but I’m!

It burns the rice, breaks glass in the sink, stumbles on the couch, hurts the little finger and the fault is still mine!

Beautiful, anxious and a little freaked out!

Take a cupcake to see if you are no longer so bitter.

here before it was all bush.

love, it was positive and it wasn’t for Covid!

7 years spooping me and complaining that I am spoiled!

Congratulations for the XX years suffering from anxiety.

How much humiliation for a diploma!

She is pro in the art of pentelhar and azia, is champion of the world!

28 years ago marking at 19h and arriving at 21h!

The cake is not big and tasty like you, but I promise it will be delicious.

rich face, only the money is missing!

You are not getting old, it only became vintage.

I took another 1 year in Brazil.

Stop stressing or next year will already be on wrinkles.

will celebrate yes … 30Tou!

Continue to swim.

You are no longer so xov.

I had a Zen side, but he stressed.

Amando Doguinhos since 1953.

Always and forever being a great hot!

Full of crazes, all denial!

Look on the positive side, now only XX years left for the age of success!

If you find flash fast, it’s because you haven’t seen the speed I stress.

I will love you like an idiot loves!

21 years ago walking through Xing Lings!

We are not in the country of wonder, but eat me!

30 years ago squandering fart and sympathy!

If you complain a little more you can join the Elderly Club.

I have patience but asymptomatic.

armadillo tail, chicken sentence, who is getting older, giggles.

I’ve never seen a chicken live so many years!

You are so sweet that I risk having diabetes.

It’s not because I work that I have money!

The cake is your gift, because I know you like food more than clothes.

I love you more than you love Shoppe.

i’ll be there for you! (I’ll be there for you!)

When my card turns I can make more shopping!

Make no mistake with this young body, the soul is old!

Congratulations to you on this dear date, I swear I don’t forget another cake in my life!

I love you so much, honey, even though you are a boring!

Your future just depends on you, you can cry!

I don’t want to be congratulated, I want a pix!

55 years ago trying to control your tongue without being able to control your face.

Happy Birthday, Player 1!

Today I was XX that my mother forced me to have a brother.

You are a winning machine!

Bentô Cake is perfect for any commemorative date. If it comes with a special message, for example, it works even as an edible gift card!

In addition, being able to have the people around you with a sentence that is part of your daily life or with some pun makes everything even better!

And if your mini -bololo is to celebrate another year of life, be sure to be inspired by these wonderful funny birthday messages and quotes that will surely guarantee good laughs!

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